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The Most Nifty Tips for Choosing Stylish Address Plaques

Cheryl Mascarenhas May 10, 2019
The address plaque adorning the entrance to your house, ought to reflect the style and elegance that your home boasts of. Here are some tips for choosing the right plaque for your home.
"The interior of the house personifies the private world; the exterior of it is part of the outside world."
―Stephen Gardiner
Your home does more than just provide you with a roof over your head and walls to keep you safe, it speaks to strangers, telling them about your taste, preferences, and style.
That said, a stranger is most likely to judge you on the way the entrance to your home looks, the artistic landscape, and not-to-forget, the address plaque, lamp posts, and mailboxes lining the entrance to your home.
The best way to make a grand impression on a regular passerby, family, and friends is to have a stylish-looking address plaque adorning the gate or lamp post placed at the entry point of your house.
Needless to say, an artistic address plaque adorning your home will do more than just distinguish your home from that of your neighbors. Here's are a few tips for choosing a stylish address plaque that is as distinguished as yourself.

Sift Through Available Types

A decorative address plaque is meant to be a reflection of your personality; however, the effectiveness of it solely depends on how and where you place it. That said, your choice for address plaques boils down to the three popular types―wall, lawn, and hanging plaques.
Wall Plaques
One of the most popular style of displaying the house number is that of the wall plaques. These are attached or hung directly on the side wall of your home or garage. You can alternately opt to hang these on your front door or right above the mailbox installed next to the door.
Lawn Plaques
Lawn plaques are stand-alone types that can be fixed at the entrance of your property. Akin to a signboard, these plaques are supported by stakes or poles. Undoubtedly, lawn plaques add to the curb appeal of your home.
Hanging Plaques
Hanging plaques are so-called, because they can be suspended from poles, lamp posts, and even fastened to the garden wall. The best part about these plaques is that they can be read from either side.

Pay Attention to Shape

The custom shapes for address plaques include variants of arches, squares, rectangles, circles, and ovals. However, you are free to customize your address plaque to suit your home requirements. The only point to be ensured while selecting a fancy shape for the plaque is make it large enough to be visible from a distance.

Create a Formidable Style

What's your style like―etched in stone, engraved on vinyl, cast in metal or painted-on wood? You can alternately look at plaques that stack numbers vertically instead of the regular horizontal plaques. You can further use decorative fonts and numbers along with intricate designs, borders, and frames to adorn your address plaque.
The style you choose should not only match the exteriors of your house, but be visually appealing as well.

Consider the Placement

Where you place the address plaque is just as important as choosing a plaque. Basically, house numbers adorning the front door should be easy to locate, especially if your house is situated at a distance from the street. Elaborate and ornate address plaques can be placed at the entrance of the driveway to facilitate ease of visibility.

Ideas for Stylish Plaques

Is it an egg, or are these numbers? Well, that's how quirky you can get when it comes to designing your address plaque.
Bird feeders or bird houses can be doubled up as an address plaque with a bit of lighting to draw attention.
Cemented to perfection. Now, that's what we call long-lasting, elegant, and durable.
Nothing ever compares to a good old metallic plaque, that's stylish and has a class of its own.
Ditch the conventional plaques and opt for a functional one, that lights up the pathway instead.
It is boulder to the rescue with metal numbers screwed onto the face of the stone-front.
Embossed vinyl or fiberglass plaques with a wood or metallic finish is sure to catch the eye.
Hand-painted tiles encased within metal trims is sure to make a huge style statement.
Simple is how you should keep it for a country cottage-style home.
Blossoming love simply put is as romantic as shown here.
Artistically done-up plaques are definitely a treat to the eye.
That's how stylish a sandblasted and engraved slab of stone will look adorning your home front.
Tiles will give you more design options than any other material, besides they are durable and elegant.
Sailor ahoy! Wooden planks joined together with a sturdy rope is sure to make heads turn.

Consider the Factors

While there is no harm in using decorative fonts, designs, and lettering, the main intention of placing an address plaque should not be side tracked. Ensure the plaque is visible from the far side of the street and is not obstructed by foliage.
Consider installing lights below or above the address plaque to focus on the plaque as well as to provide better visibility. Ensure the numbers are large enough so that they are legible from a distance.
Play with colors, try out new designs, and make your address as stylish as you want it to be. After all, your address plaque is going to set the mood for an aesthetic treat that is your house.