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Tips for Choosing a Dressing Table That'll Be Trendy and Perfect

Tips for Choosing a Dressing Table
Choosing a piece of furniture for your house can be a very difficult task. The task gets especially complicated when you just have to pick one item, like the dressing table. We've made it a little easy with these tips for choosing a dressing table.
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Mar 1, 2018
Tip to Remember
Pick a dressing table that will match the rest of the d├ęcor in your room to make it look like the part, and not something that was bought as an afterthought.
A girl's room is never quite complete without the perfect dressing table. It may seem like this little dressing table is not worth pondering over. However, let me assure you that this table in a room becomes the treasure trove for its user. This accessory in your room can really add to the aesthetic value and serve an important function too.

However, there are a few tips that you need to consider while buying a dressing table. It is important to buy a dresser which fits your requirement and budget. To a lot of people, buying a dressing table never seems important, until they realize its value in the room. Oftentimes, people buy the incorrect dresser due to hasty decisions. So, before you step to hunt for the perfect dressing table, take a look at some of the tips worth considering while choosing a dressing table.
Tips to Consider While Choosing a Dressing Table
Appropriate Size
Dressing table
Modern dresser style
The first and foremost thing that you need to consider is the size of the mirror. To make the dressing table a fit piece in your room, the width of the dresser should match the mirror's width. As the dresser will be placed right below the mirror, matching their widths is very essential to add to the aesthetic value of the room. The next point to note is the height of the dressing table. Before you go shopping for this furniture item, measure the remaining height below your mirror. A dressing table should fit this exact height. A little less would be fine, but anything taller than the measured height would cut the mirror and spoil the look.
Pick Storage Over Looks
Dressing table
Modern dressing table
Women understand the need for storage quite well. If you are someone who has a box full of accessories, a penchant for perfumes, undying love for watches, and a huge capacity to collect these for the rest of your life, then you definitely need to buy a dressing table with enough storage. The bedside tables often get cluttered by the end of the week as we callously keep placing items. Buy a dressing table which has enough number of drawers that are large enough to keep all your accessories, trinkets, and valuable items.
Prefer a Lock System
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Not all jewelry is junk and invaluable. There might be times when you need to keep some of the precious jewelry you own at home. It is important to make a provision to keep them safely beforehand. The best way to provide for this need is to buy a dressing table which has a lock facility. Just one drawer with a lock should suffice to place important items, such as jewelry, passports, and other important documents. However, while buying such a dressing table, ensure that you have multiple keys so that in case one is lost, you don't have to break the lock.
Stick to Your Budget
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Budget is the most important factor while buying anything. In case you do not want to spend a lot on a new dressing table, try looking for dressing tables at the flea markets which you can refurbish at a much lesser price. Also, there is a wide range of dressing tables that can fit within the budget that you have decided. The material of the dressing table, such as wood, plastic, or metal will be the deciding factor for its price. Thus, do your homework about the money you are willing to spend on such a table, and then look for one.
The biggest problem couples face while getting ready is one person spending too much time in the bathroom in front of the mirror. The best way of solving this problem is by getting a dressing table. A mirror in your room would save a lot of time and avert the early morning tiffs with each other. Lastly, an important tip you can keep in mind while buying a dressing table is to look for an item that is multi-functional, i.e., helps you with storage, safety, and fits your budget.
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