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Vital Tips to Consider Before Buying Rustic Furniture

Tips for Buying Rustic Furniture
The best way to achieve a log cabin effect in your home, is to invest in rustic furniture. DecorDezine will be your guide to choose and create a classic look to your home décor.
Cheryl Mascarenhas
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
Go for salvaged wood
The weathered texture of salvaged wood provides a nice contrast to metallic accents in homes and is used to create a festive ambiance in any room.
Home is the second place after a mother's embrace that radiates warmth and tender affection. A house done up with soothing wooden furniture will not only take you back in time, but also give your home the classic rustic touch that reminisces of bountiful country homes. That said, investing in rustic pieces of furniture is definitely your best bet at making your house a little more warmer and classier than mere modern furniture. Besides, the warm, musky odor emitted by wooden furniture is definitely worth every penny you end up shelling for the same.

You can alternatively mix contemporary furniture with a touch of rustic elegance to create a whole new look on your home front. Besides, investing in distressed and rustic furniture adds to the character of the home and ups the comfort level. Given below are the points you need to consider before purchasing a rustic piece of furniture.
Chalk out the layout
Rustic bed
A simple rustic bed is apt for a small apartment.
What's the overall look you want to achieve in your home? Investing in rustic furniture for the entire house will leave you with a classic look no doubt, but that will leave no scope for any modern furniture. The best way to decide the look you want to achieve in the house is to sit down with your family and plan the layout of the furniture. This includes deciding on the room, and also taking into consideration redoing other elements of the interior decor to achieve a complete rural set-up.
Decide on the size
Kitchen shelf
Go minimalist, opt for a rugged kitchen cabinet.
A vital tip for buying rustic furniture would be to decide on the size of the furniture before you invest in it. This is vital because determining the size will help you decide on the layout, and also avoid overdoing the decor of the room. Anything that looks massive in a small room should be avoided solely because it would make the room too crowded. Similarly, smaller pieces of furniture would look lost in a spacious room. Seek to find a perfect balance by not going overboard or restricting yourself when deciding the look of the room.
Look into the construction
Rustic bench
A log bench is sure to liven up your patio.
Rustic furniture is created using twigs and logs that are bent and assembled to form a single piece of furniture. They are generally enhanced using various styles inclusive of chip carving, milk paint, and silver or gold brushwork. It would make sense to check the quality of the wood, in particular the joints and the edges, before selecting a piece of furniture. Check to see if the furniture is made from high-quality wood instead of one made from particle board. Also remember to check the color of the furniture. Anything that appears off-color is indicative of imitation or processed wood product.
Check the durability
Rustic wood chairs
Comfort meets elegance with rocking chairs.
Rustic furniture is ideally made from a variety of material including cedar, hickory, pine, and maple. If you are looking for a piece of furniture that will last long, you should look for durable hardwood pieces. Furniture made from hickory, white and red cedar are ideally your best bet to create a rustic feel in your home. In addition to being sturdy, the wood should also be able to sustain the elements of nature if you are thinking of placing them outdoors.
Consider the cost
Pure wood furniture is likely to be a tad more expensive than those constructed from plywood. Ideally, the higher the quality of wood used to construct the furniture, the more you are expected to shell out. The general rule of thumb to be remembered is that real, solid, hardwood furniture, although expensive, makes a lasting piece of furniture. Before you invest, do check out deals at Rustic Furniture Depot, Black Forest Decor, and Tres Amigos World Imports that specialize in rustic furniture.
Ideas to Get You Started
Dining room
Compact dining set suitable for a small apartment creates a cozy cabin look.
Rustic dining table
Dedicated dining area requires a king sized table not a miniature version of it.
Rustic outdoor chairs
Let your garden do the talking with nature inspired chairs.
Log cabin swing
Make a huge entry statement with a rugged swing adorning the entrance.
Evening patio table
Outdoor tables are meant to be large, provided you have the space.
Old wooden bench
Sizzle with your loved one on a settee meant for two.
When it comes to style, rustic is being as close to nature as possible, which means, it is better to opt out of stylish furniture and choose one that satisfies you with a rugged look.
Wooden Swing
Wooden flowerpot
Wooden Chest Of Drawers With Mirror