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Tin Ceiling Tiles and Panels

Tin Ceiling Tiles and Panels
Tin ceiling tiles are the latest trend in home decorating that render a Victorian style interior. These tiles are economical and easy to install. Read on to know more about tin ceiling tiles and panels.
Mayuri Kulkarni
By the end of 19th century, tin ceilings had become very popular. The invention of these can be seen as a response to the costly plaster work made on the ceilings. During those days, Americans used the innovative idea of tin ceilings as an attempt to imitate the ornamental plaster ceilings used by Europeans. Tin ceilings had a lot of advantages over the traditional plaster ceilings and their use increased with time. These tiles were produced in bulk and were used widely for ceilings in homes, restaurants, and business centers. Their production was halted during World War II, which then gave way to the emergence of acoustic and drywall as preferred materials for ceilings.
Recently, tin ceilings are back in fashion, and interior designers and builders are opting for their use.The attractive features of these ceiling tiles are durability, lightness in weight, and variety in designs. However, these days, these are not made of only tin, but from various metals, like aluminum, copper, steel, and brass. Larger sheets of metal are used and designs are stamped on them. Then, these sheets are cut into symmetrical squares and used for ceilings. These are not only used for ceilings, but may also be used for interior walls.
Tin ceiling tiles come in a wide variety of patterns and colors, and there are various ways of installing them. The colors that are available are:
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Burgundy
  • Copper
  • White
These tiles have different methods of installation, like snap locking, nailing, or dropping in. The standard sizes of tin ceiling panels are 2' x 2' and 4' x 4', the latter being the most commonly used. The patterns printed on these panels can be 6'', 12'', or 24''. These are also available in various finishings. Some of them are given below:
  • Backsplash:
    These are popular tin ceiling tiles used in kitchens and bathrooms. They give a backsplash effect, and come in a six-pattern style or twelve-pattern style. These have to be nailed up for installation.
  • Painted:
    These tiles can be painted with the color scheme of your choice. You can give colors such that the ceiling mimics a plaster ceiling.
  • Copper:
    These are the most expensive finishings that are given to tin ceilings. These are popular for kitchen interior designs, and require proper handling to retain their original color.
  • Exposed:
    A thin coat of sealant is applied to these tiles to retain the original metal color for a prolonged duration. These tiles are easy to clean.
If you want to install tin ceiling tiles in your home, first understand the benefits of using thems and the care that you need to take. Once you decide to purchase these, check out the method of installation. Select the pattern and color of the tiles such that it will complement the interior decoration pattern. Many of the tin ceilings are easy to install, and you can do the installation by yourself.
Painted Ceiling Tin
White color tin tile
Tin ceiling tile