Tile Shower Designs

Opting for one of the many tile shower designs by installing tiles creatively, you can have a designer shower space ready. So, get ideas and spruce up your bathroom.
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In your bathroom shower area, do you know what's the most prominent element? Well, you guessed it right. The bathroom tile designs have the maximum effect on the appearance of your bathroom. With the number of options available and increasing day by day, most of you might get confused while installing the tiles. There are many choices in the designs in each type of tile, and you can arrange these in a number of ways to create attractive space. Just reworking the bathroom tile shower designs, you can finish 80% of the bathroom remodeling task. Reworking includes removing the existing tiles and having new designs with tiles as you like. If you are working on an under-construction bathroom, the task is easier.
Best Ideas
Keep it Simple
Small Modern Bathroom
If you are planning the designs for small bathrooms, then keeping them simple is the best idea. With a gaudy look, the area can seem cluttered and smaller. So, a plain effect in soft shades is the best one to go for. You can simply add a small dark tile at intersection of 4 tiles to give it a slightly stylish touch. Moreover, you can consider adding shelves using tiles of same shade or a shade darker than the one used primarily.
Alternate Effect
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One of the ideas is to have a mix of dark and light tiles. You can find ceramic tiles in numerous shades and designs. One of them is by adding designer tiles all over the vertical surfaces and plain tiles over horizontal surfaces. You can also have a contrast effect by using dark bathroom ceramic tiles for vertical surfaces and light ones for horizontal surfaces. One of the best marble design idea is to pick small marble tiles and create a monochromatic effect with shades of same color placed alternatively. They look extremely beautiful.
Lively Shower Area
Modern Luxury Bathroom
Well, if you want to convert your shower space into a lively area, you can do this with the right designs. Pick the flashy tiles in flashy shades. You can get these in glass. While installation, use these to cover all the walls of the area. Also, cover the vertical surfaces like that of shower seat. You can have various shades of glass tiles installed creatively for covering the walls in decorative patterns. One of the best granite designs is to use it for shower seats. With a white-colored piece which looks extremely elegant and catchy, you can have the best design. You can go for same granite for the flooring. Make sure you pick least designer, yet sober granite tile.
Highlight an Area
Luxurious Bathroom
Here is one of the impressive ideas. No matter whether you have a walk-in, corner, enclosure, or panel shower, all you need to do in order to beautify this space is a single focal wall. Even if there are 3 walls, one of them is most prominent, probably the one behind the fixtures or that which is right in front of the shower area's entrance. So, revamp it using classic tiles and cover the rest of the walls and flooring with base color matching with that of these tiles. Adding a mosaic design pattern on this wall is an ultimate shower tile idea which you can opt for.
Luxury Bathroom In Beautiful Residence
With these and many such ideas, you can spice up the shower space in your bathrooms. Turning it beautiful with fresh colors and quality tiles suitable to be used in the area is not a tough job. Hire an experienced professional who can rightly implement your ideas and suggest you the best. Have a fresh looking, designer shower space ready to bathe.
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