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Throw Pillows for Couch

7 Attractive and Comfy Throw Pillow Ideas for Your Couch

Throw pillows are an awesome accessory for your couch. Read this for the different styles that you can try out.
Sujata Iyer
Last Updated: Mar 29, 2019
Gone are the days when a sofa, a dining table, and a television was all it took to make a living room look nice. Today, interior decorating is all about expressing oneself through the various things in one's home. It could be a picture on the wall or a custom-made night lamp.
One more thing decorators are dabbling in, is ways to make the living room look more welcoming and also extremely comfortable. A brilliant way of doing this is by adding a number of throw pillows on your couch. That's right. Throw pillows are the latest rage and will definitely stay for a while. Read on to know how you can experiment with them in your home.
Throw Pillows for your Couch
Throw pillows are an excellent embellishment for your couches. A sofa or couch is your safe haven. You sit on it to watch television, or to curl up and read a book or simply to relax.
Having a throw pillow with you to cuddle makes you feel so much more comfortable and at peace. Apart from being great comforters, they also add that bit of elegance and style to your couch. Let us see the types you can use to give your home a facelift.
As far as the material for the pillows is concerned you have options like foam or cotton. Cotton tends to harden and clump up over time. So foam would be a better option for throw pillows. They last longer and are much softer.
There are various fabrics you can use for the covers. After all, it is the covers that are visible to the people. So it only makes sense to have gorgeous covers for the pillows. Let's have a look at the cover styles that you can use.
Blue color scheme teenager bedroom with colorful pillows on bed
In winter, you can have beautifully knitted covers for your throw pillows. If your room has dark color tones, then stick to dark colors for the covers as well. There are various patterns in knit covers that you can try out.
Ukrainian embroidered cushions
If you're looking for something more exotic, then you can try out embroidery on the pillow covers. The fabric can be simple, but adorn it with gorgeous and fine embroidery to give it an exquisite look and feel.
Suede Couch and Pillows
It is becoming the favorite in the type of covering material. It looks classy and makes excellent modern throw pillows for a couch. Washing it is the problem. So if you are picking suede, make sure you know a dry cleaner who specializes in cleaning suede.
Modern living room design with sofa and pillows
Another idea for decorative throw pillows is to have gorgeous velvet ones. Velvet seems too gaudy. But if the right colors are used, together with a good net fabric over the velvet, your pillows will look stunning!
Another easy to use material for pillows is jute. It is easy to wash, and looks neat and clean. It is perfect for daily use, especially in a home with kids.
Blue and orange silk cushions
For a more coquette look, you can go in for silk covers. They can be self-embroidered, or hand-painted or even plain. There are so many vivid colors, designs, and patterns to choose from, that you'll be spoiled for choice.
Cotton Cushions
This is the most trusted and most durable material that you can use for your throw pillows. Cotton is skin-friendly, easy to use, wash, dry, and maintain.
You can find cheap throw pillows at your local home improvement store or shop online for them. Or, if you have the time and creativity, you can design and make your own. Experiment with colors, shapes, and sizes and you'll have a gorgeous couch with gorgeous pillows!