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Tempered Glass Tabletop

Mamta Mule Dec 23, 2018
Tempered glass is popularly used for making beautiful tabletops. Since the time it was introduced, it is a huge hit and you can see this used in most of the premium range of dining tables and serving tables today.
Tempered glass is much stronger than the regular glass. It is basically a safety glass that is used to avoid incidences of breakage of glass resulting into an injury. It is usually installed where human contact is much higher, like tabletops, window panes, or door panels.
That makes it a staple choice for most of the home furniture where glass is required to be used. This type of glass gets shattered into thousands of small oval pieces unlike the sharp pieces that a normal glass breaks into, hence eliminating the danger of someone getting hurt.

About Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is better than the regular glass in a number of ways. It is heat resistant making it a good pick for serving tables, kitchen tables, coffee tables, and dining tables. It can also be added as a perfect top on the wooden kitchen islands.
Tempered glass goes through an extra processing as compared to the regular glass which makes it more durable and sturdy. It is first cut into desired shape and then treated, unlike other glasses which are first processed and cut during the time of delivery.

Options Available

Besides being safe, these tabletop makes a stylish piece of furniture. You can have tempered glass in various shapes and sizes for living room or dining room furniture. A rightly tempered glass will be as smooth as a non-tempered glass.
This, not only looks beautiful but also adds a modern touch to your home interior.
You can have plain tempered glass in shapes like round, square, or rectangle. This can be a good option when you simply place tempered glass on a wooden tabletop to add a decorative element. 
When only glass tops are used for tables you can order a designer piece. For large dining tables, the tabletops with delicate bordered prints look classy. A small coffee table or even a serving table looks great with a floral print at the center. Frosted glass design offers the best tabletops.
One of the best alternative in square or round tabletops is that with shattered glass texture. The surface is plain but the glass has a design that looks similar to a shattered glass. You can also have classy circular or small dotted prints over the glass.
Colored tempered glass is widely available and you can choose from a range of colors for beautifying the table. Though the clear glass looks best, some might prefer stained glass to complement the interior decor.
It is also available in various edge styles like flat edges, pencil edges, beveled edges and waved edges. Consider whether the tabletop is fixed in a frame or just placed over the table frame. If it is fixed in a frame, accordingly consider the options in edges.

Glass Replacement

When you look for a replacement, make sure you search for a similar tempered glass. Here are some tips on choosing one. Consider the shape of your existing glass. In case of a unique shape, get it traced before you shop for a replacement glass.
Next, consider the options available in edging. You can keep it same as the previous glass or opt for a simpler design to reduce the cost. Right dimensions are of primary importance. This not only includes the width and length or radius, but the thickness of the glass as well.