Types of Teak Shower Seats

Priya Johnson Dec 17, 2018
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Shower seats are perfect for the elderly, injured, and disabled, who find it difficult to stand in the shower. These seats provide comfort and security while taking a bath. Moreover, those made from teak are strong, durable, and long-lasting.
Plastic shower seats are popularly bought mainly because they are cheap and easily affordable. However, they wear out easily, get discolored in no time, and are quite unattractive. If you're looking for an aesthetically pleasing material rather than an inexpensive, plain looking one, then, teak shower seats are the best!
Teak seats add a classy look to your shower and are not only more comfortable, but are also durable. Moreover, they do not get affected by heat, mold, or mildew. Teak is resistant to water and does not get damaged by it.
They are perfect for old, injured, disabled folks, who find it difficult to stand in the shower. It also reduces the risk of them slipping while having a shower.

Types Available

Teak shower seats come in several sizes, shapes, and forms. Teak wood is strong, durable, and can be worked into a variety of attractive designs. These qualities of teak wood make it an excellent option to make shower seats.
Some shower seats are even designed to hold soaps, wash rags, etc., in compartments, shelves, or baskets. A seat with a basket helps store necessary shower items. Moreover, some even have built-in footrests.

Standard Teak Shower Seat

A regular seat features a rectangular piece of oil-finished teak wood, supported by four sturdy wooden legs. Sometimes, these stools may have a shelf-attached stand below the seat or an attached basket for storing shower accessories.

Teak Corner Shower Seat

This is a triangular-shaped shower stool that will fit in any corner of the shower. The benefit of getting these shower seats is that they do not come in the way of the shower and do not take up additional space.

Curved Teak Shower Seat

These are seats with a slight curvature. This curvature will naturally cradle you in its ergonomic design. It adds to the comfort level. This free standalone shower seat is sturdy as well as comfortable.

Folding Teak Shower Seat

These shower seats are perfect for small showers, where space is limited. They are mounted onto the shower wall and can be lifted up vertically towards the wall when not in use. When required, the seat can be pulled down and used.
The disadvantage with this kind of fold-down shower seat is that once fixed to the shower wall, it cannot be moved around like the standalone ones. Their position in their shower will be fixed by bracket locks.

Teak Shower Bench Seat

If you are not satisfied with a small shower seat, go for the bench seat. These teak benches can be placed inside or just outside your shower.
The drawback of this type of shower seat is its high demand for space. It requires more space than a regular shower seat. You even get benches with folding legs. This means after use, you can fold it and keep it away till next use.
Teak shower seats are on the expensive side, however, they are worth the price! They are an investment that you won't regret. These one time investments do away with the irksome need to replace plastic shower seats every now and then. They even make wonderful, thoughtful gifts for the elderly.
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