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Types of Tabletop Fountains

Abhay Burande Oct 27, 2018
Stone, copper, slate, and ceramic are some of the different type of tabletop fountains. Here are some more types of fountains that you can have in your home or office.
There is a range of tabletop fountains made in several different styles, sizes, and colors for a variety of tastes and budgets. Different types of natural materials like slate, copper, stones, ceramic, and stainless steel are used. These are great as gifts that provide a sense of relaxation and serenity.
They can be used in homes as well as in offices. They require very low maintenance and deliver a peaceful atmosphere during stressful conditions. They can be used as centerpieces on buffet tables at garden parties or as accents in dining rooms for romantic candlelight dinners. Here are some types of fountains:


  • Polished Sphere: There is an elegant simplicity of Japanese style combined with contemporary design. Every sculpture becomes unique due to the rough and irregular style.
  • Water Wall: This is made of natural stone and has a recirculating electric pump. This is crafted of an inlaid stone mosaic.
  • Source: This is self-contained and made of stunning organic materials. It is designed for interior use and has a recirculating electric pump.
  • Rock Garden: There are real river rocks with a resin basin and an adjustable recirculating electric pump to control the water flow and sound.


  • Asian Candle: This is made of hand-made copper, and blends the elements of a copper bowl, fire, slate, and water.
  • Aspen Gold: The structure is made of one hundred percent copper. This is inspired by Colorado's beautiful scenery.
  • Aspen Reflections: It is made of one hundred percent copper and has engraved Aspen leaves. The pump is manufactured in Italy.
  • Copper Sphere: It is made of hand-hammered copper and a fine coating of oxide is formed over the surface.


  • Asian Candle: This is made of hand-made copper and involves slate, water, fire, and a copper bowl.
  • Dancing Songbirds: There is a natural slate and an electric recirculating pump. The copper structure is completed in a golden patina.
  • Cobblestone: This soothes nerves and restores the mind, body, and spirit. Resin, natural slate, and pebbles are utilized.


  • Adonis: There is a peaceful sound of falling water and promotes peace and calm. It assists in humidifying the home.
  • Ceramic Feng Shui: This is made of beautifully glazed ceramic, and there is a soothing sound of flowing water. There is also a recirculating electric pump.
  • Corinthia: This is made of ceramic. There are the soft sounds of falling water and it helps to humidify the home.
  • Aldis: There are soft sounds of falling water and assists in humidifying the home or office.