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Sunroom Plans

Bidisha Mukherjee Feb 6, 2019
A proper sunroom can enhance the beauty of your home and provide you with a relaxing retreat within the comforts of the home. Here are some guiding tips planning sunrooms.
Most of us love to enjoy the natural beauty of our surroundings sitting on the deck or the patio. However, rain, heat, insects often prevent us from doing so. Thus the sunroom came into being where one feels protected from the weather elements and relish the taste of the outdoors.
Suitable sunroom plans can make the space inviting and comfortable where you can spend some good times with your loved ones.

Do-It-Yourself Sunroom Plans

There are certain things that have to be taken into considerations when you are making a plan for building this room. The main steps of this planning phase have been enlisted below.


This largely depends on the climate of the area where you live in. In warm climate, north facing sunroom is preferred as it will remain shaded for major part of the day but in cold weather, a south facing sunroom will provide enough sunshine to the room. You can also keep it east or west facing if you love watching the sunrise or the sunset.

Construction Material

Vinyl and aluminum are the most popular materials used for construction of the structure of the sunroom. For the purpose of round the year use vinyl should be used as it can give the best thermal insulation.
However, it is more expensive than aluminum. Therefore, if you are looking for a cost-efficient sunroom, then aluminum will be the right choice. However, you cannot use the aluminum sunroom in the summers.


There are several options available as far as the sunroom style is concerned. Straight sunrooms are classic and are fit for all kinds of home. A sunroom with a curved eave adds some new dimension to the frame of your home.
However, it will require a good amount of space to build this kind of sunroom. When you have an ample amount of space, you should opt for conservatory sunrooms which can make your home look absolutely stunning.
You can consider a cathedral style sunroom if there is a lot of height space available. The gabled ceilings and large glass windows will make the sunroom look really attractive.


The most crucial part of the plan is the windows. It should have a good quality insulation or else the furniture and the carpets of the sunroom may fade in no time. Try to avoid single glazed windows as they are not energy efficient.
Double glazed windows consist of two glass panes with air or gas in between that serve as insulator. While a triple glazed windows have three glass panes and two layers of insulation. Buy either of these two as per your need. Most people prefer to have windows as it can ventilate the room as and when required.


Sunroom installation can be done easily on your own with the help of installation kits available in the market. The sunroom should be installed on a solid foundation. For this prepare the chosen location by repairing the cracks or fissures and level it by sanding the uneven areas.
Then clean all the dusts and debris from the work area. The next step is the measurements of the deck or patio space. The length and breadth of the floor area and height of the structure should be measured accurately. Even the dimension of the overhanging trim and the eaves has to be taken into account while purchasing the kit.
Discuss your requirements with a sunroom construction companies rep and purchase the do-it yourself installation kit accordingly. In these kits, everything needed for a sunroom are found in pre-cut and pre-drilled conditon and you can readily install them without hiring any professional. You will have to invest one weekend for this home improvement project.
Thus your sunroom can provide you with a room which you can utilize for a variety of purposes. You can use it as a breakfast spot or as a hobby room or a plant room. Depending on your requirements, make proper heating and cooling arrangements and also get some beautiful furniture for the room.