Sunroom Decorating Ideas

Mamta Mule Dec 13, 2018
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A sunroom is the best place to start your day or wind it up. Here are some easy-to-follow ideas that will help you beautify the room and turn it into something really unique.
A sunroom―also known as a sun parlor, sun lounge, or patio room―is the best place to spend your time and relax. This room allows you to enjoy the scenic beauty around your house in all the seasons. You can relax here with a warm cup of coffee in the late evenings or enjoy a pleasant view in the early mornings.
This room can also be used as an area for having small gatherings or as a reading room. And just as you would take the efforts to decorate your home, it is equally important to decorate the sunroom as well. So what exactly goes into the decoration of a sunroom? The following are some ideas that will help.

Color Scheme

Whether you are painting the glass window frame, rods, or the walls of the sunroom, stick to white or off-white colors. To create a calming effect in the room, avoid dark tones. Add furnishings that complement the colors used in the room.
To add some spice to the look, you can have a black and white color scheme by keeping black to a minimum. You can also have a brown and white color scheme, as most of the furniture will be in the shades of brown.

Curtains and Blinds

Using vertical blinds for the windows is a great idea. You can also opt for simple matchstick or bamboo roll up blinds. If you are using curtains, make sure they match the rest of the furnishings such as cushion covers and rugs.
Ceiling to floor curtains also work well for sunrooms. These can be opened and held aside with decorative curtain rope tiebacks whenever needed. Curtains in dark shades tend to fade over time due to sunlight exposure. Hence, opting for lighter shades is better. You can also get curtains with linings to prevent the color from fading as quickly.


Using plants for decorating the area is a simple and convenient option. They help in keeping the area cool and create the desired atmosphere. Hang the plants in the corners or in a line above the glass covering. You can also place them on corner tables.
As sunrooms get extremely hot in the summer, choose only those plants that can thrive in such conditions. Getting decorative artificial plants is another great idea. Though not commonly used, you can opt for these to accessorize the room.


Take care of the comfort element while decorating the room. The furniture needs to be extremely comfy and should suit the overall color scheme. If the room is small, avoid placing a leather couch in it, as it will take up a lot of space. Bean bags are perfect for such rooms. They are comfortable and can easily match the color scheme of the room.
Wicker furniture also works well for this area. Remember to keep the furniture minimal. Place cozy rugs on the floor and large throw pillows on the couches to add to the entire ambiance. Place low coffee tables and side tables with storage space to keep your favorite books.
These decorating ideas will surely give the perfect touch to your sunroom. Try them out and have a calm and comfy extension to your house.