Studio Apartment Design Ideas

Mukta Gaikwad Oct 4, 2018
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Studio apartments are small spaces, and should be designed carefully. It is important to keep the place functional, than making it fashionable. Here are a few studio apartment design ideas you could use.
Allot a space for every object within the limited space of your studio apartment, to keep the area as free of clutter as possible.
A studio apartment is definitely one of the convenient places to live in for students, bachelors, and basically all those living on their own on a budget. If you come to think of it, a small space such as a studio room is a sufficient space for making a grand living. Most you may be wondering how to decorate a studio apartment to make it multi-functional.
Considering that you have a small space, you need to be choosy about the style and utility while doing your home decorating. Every item you use to decorate the place, must have an appropriate place and equivalent usage.
Since, it is a studio apartment, you have the right to go with its quintessential image of 'an artist's workshop'. The most important part of decorating studio apartment, is to make the space as comfortable as possible. Let's take a look at some of the practical design solutions while interior decorating.

The Entrance

Since you have only one entrance, it becomes your exit too, which means, it has to be as spacey as possible. Have a mirror on either side of the adjacent walls of the main door. Place a coat or a hat stand next to the mirror, so that your guests can leave their coats there and not all over the place. Place a shoe rack right below the mirror.

Seating Area

This is the most important part of setting up a studio apartment. Do not buy bulky furniture, remember you are living in a small space, so you need to have everything flexible. Only flexibility will allow you to make most of the space.
Buy a one three-seater couch, cane or some other lighter material, which you'll be able to move easily. Bean bags and big floor pillows are the best decorating ideas for studio apartment.

Kitchen and Dining Area

Since you are the only one living in the house, there isn't a reason to have a big kitchen.
While kitchen decorating, a small kitchen platform with a small fridge to the side is good enough for a studio apartment. Have the kitchen cabinets on top of the platform, with the lighting set at the bottom for adequate lighting and easy accessibility.
You should have the dining area next to the kitchen area. Have a collapsible top, which will convert into a dining table. You can fold it up, by a simple lock when you don't want to use it. The normal chairs in the house can be used at the dining table.

Sleeping Platform

To save space, a platform is what you need to create. Divide the seating area into two halves, with a ladder. The upper half will be your sleeping platform, while the lower can be converted into a study area, with the seating area next to it.

Dressing Room

Another idea is to use room dividers for separating the space for dual purposes. Make a dressing room out of a well crafted divider. You can have your cupboard here with a mirror on the door of the cupboard and a separate compartment for cosmetics.
Small LED bulbs on top of the mirror on the door will be enough to light the area adequately. To keep your laundry separately, have a stool with a collapsible top, so that you can dump the laundry inside it and sit on top of it!
A studio apartment should be kept as neat and spacey. For a limited area, use white color all over the house, as this makes the room look really big. Do some wall art on a big wall to give personal touch to your home. Decorate it with a punch of attitude and a touch of class, it doesn't matter what others think of it, after all home is where the heart is!
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