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Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring Installation

Really Easy Installation Methods of Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

When it comes to strand woven bamboo flooring installation, you will be surprised to know that there is not one but three different methods of installation. All of them have been discussed here. Read on...
Bidisha Mukherjee
Last Updated: Apr 2, 2019
Bamboo flooring has a stunning visual appeal. Besides, it has a natural beauty that suits all types of interior designing of the house. As we all know, bamboo is a grass and not wood, which can be obtained from the same plant again and again after a gap of 5-6 years. For this reason, bamboo is considered as an eco-friendly flooring option.
There are different types of bamboo flooring. So, choosing a bamboo floor becomes quite difficult for many people. Strand woven bamboo flooring is the most preferred one because of a number of advantages associated with it.
First of all, it has a higher density as compared to any other types of bamboo flooring. Therefore, it can be installed even in those areas that receive heavy foot traffic. It is much more stronger than other forms of bamboo flooring and can withstand regular wear and tear really well.
How to Install Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring?
Take correct measurements of the room and buy the flooring material according to that. You should buy about 10-20% extra than your actual requirement as some of the material may get wasted while cutting. Once you have got the flooring material, you can start installing them.
Removing Baseboard
Firstly, you have to prepare the work area properly. Remove all the furniture from the room to make the floor area free. In case there is any old flooring, it has to be removed. Next, take off the baseboards along the walls.
Worker mopping floor
Thorough cleaning of the floor is a must. After floor cleaning, allow it to dry properly.
Hand with grinding tool
The concrete floor where the bamboo floor is to be installed should have an even surface. If required, use a concrete grinder to get a smooth surface. Any holes should be filled up with leveling compound.
Bring the bamboo floor board in the work area. You have to lay the bamboo floor boards in rows. The alignment could be either horizontal or vertical. The ideal starting point is to begin from one corner of the room and then proceed towards the entrance door.
There are three different ways of installing strand woven bamboo flooring. They are - gluing, floating and nailing. No matter which method you use, you should place spacers near the walls in order to keep 3/8 inch of expansion gap along all the walls.
Laying plywood on the floor
Let us first talk about floating method of installation of strand woven bamboo floor, which happens to be the most easiest method. You have to first place the underlayment on the concrete floor and then lay down the bamboo planks on it.
Arrange the first row of planks along the wall with the grooves of the board turned towards the wall. While you align the second row of planks, press them against the laid boards of first row so that the two adjacent boards are interlocked with each other.
The tongue and grooves of these boards facilitate quick locking. To make sure that the joints are fitted tightly, strike them with a mallet. Follow the same procedure for laying the next rows of bamboo flooring and cover up the entire floor.
man laying a floor
The next method is that of gluing the strand woven bamboo floor. Here, you can lay the bamboo floor directly on the concrete floor. But before that, you have to apply adhesive on the floor.
The manufacturers recommend suitable adhesive for this job and you must use that. Do not use any wood flooring adhesive as it may not work for strand woven bamboo. Spread the adhesive in the form of a thin layer on a small area of the floor where two rows of plank can be laid.
Apply some adhesive on the bottom of the first plank, place it on the glued area of the floor and press it down firmly. Thus, you can ensure that the board is properly attached to the floor. Install the rest of the bamboo boards in the same manner.
The third method involves nailing down the bamboo planks. You have to first roll out felt underlayment sheet on the floor. Secure the overlapping edges of these underlayment with staple gun. The laying pattern is the same as of floating method with the grooves of the boards facing the wall. It also involves interlocking the tongues and grooves of the boards.
Laying hardwood parquet
Lock the grooves of the second row of planks with the tongues of the first row of boards. Now, fix nails along the sides of these boards just above the tongue. Keep a gap of 8-12 inches in between two nails.
Finishing Touch
After you finish strand woven bamboo flooring installation in the main area of the floor, you will find some gaps in between the wall and the last planks of the row. Take the measurements of each of these gaps separately.
cutting wooden floorboard
Then cut the boards as per the measurements of these gaps and fit them into the gaps and secure them with nails, glue or interlocking. Finally, put the baseboards back into their position. Now, you can walk upon the newly installed strand woven bamboo floor.
Wooden double bed in loft
Strand woven bamboo flooring not only has an attractive new look, but is also quite strong and has high durability. You can maintain its good looks intact for a long time with regular cleaning.
Use soft bristle broom to sweep the floor. For a more thorough cleaning, use a microfiber wet mop and a floor cleaner recommended by the manufacturers. Never use any abrasive scrub pads or floor cleaners with harsh chemical content on strand woven bamboo floor as it may suffer damage.