Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Madhura Pandit Jan 9, 2019
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One may face several limitations when it comes to storing things when living in a smaller space. But, here are some storage ideas for smaller homes and apartments that will be helpful to you.
You have bought a small apartment or a condo thinking that you thought it was simply great for the two of you. It may have been initially, but as days pass by, one of you gets irritated with the other' books, clothes, music CDs, magazines, papers, and what not lying around.
It is difficult to store clothes in your cabinet, and you end up stuffing them in your partner's cabinet. There is no room in your kitchen for the new dinner service that you recently bought. But, if you plan properly, you can make maximum utilization of the space available at home.

Creative Storage Ideas for Small Homes

In most of the cases, for the sake of decoration, we end up buying furniture that occupies more space and is completely useless in terms of storing capacity. Therefore, the golden rule while decorating homes (or redecorating homes) is to look for furniture that serves as furniture as well as a storage unit like multipurpose kitchen storage cabinets.

Living Room

High cabinets or armoire is the best deal for a living room to store everything right from accessories to books and souvenirs.
When looking for coffee or side tables, look for those with drawers. You can even invest in the traditional chest of drawers to add more storage capacity.
For storing toys and other stuff, you can also make use of sofa or settee storage. Secondly, using a sofa or a chair storage is also one of the best options for home office furniture.


Wall-to-wall storage cabinets are suitable for small and smart kitchens. You can go for multi-tiered wire shelving units as they will be helpful in storing jars, bottles, plates, dinner service of all shapes and sizes. 
You can invest in a folding dining table or the one with drawers and shelves for more storage area.


Murphy beds or storage loft beds (with desk) are the best furniture pieces for small homes. These can be placed in the living room (to create extra sleeping space when required) or even in the bedroom.
A built-in window seat is another storage idea for small bedrooms. This can be used as a seating place or can even be converted into a bed. If you are looking for shoe storage options, then using shoe bags that can be hung behind the bedroom door can be a good option.
You can also consider using under bed storage or storage boxes for storing spare mattresses, pillows, shoes, etc.


You can use the space at the back of the door using plastic bags with pockets or small wired racks. You can also install decorative hooks for hanging clothes, towels, hair clips, etc.
Secondly, you can go for tall, open cabinets in the corners of the bathroom to utilize maximum space. 
Another tip is to use laundry baskets or storage containers built in wall, behind the door. You can attach a corkboard on the wall, place hooks on it to attach your junk jewelry and hair pins/clips to it.
Lastly, as mentioned here, remember the golden rule. You should research a lot in the market to get things/furniture that you actually need and that will serve dual purpose. This will definitely help save a lot of space and help in storing a great deal of stuff. Good luck!
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