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Stone Veneer Fireplace

Sujata Iyer Dec 24, 2018
A stone veneer fireplace can make your home look classy on one hand, while steadily increasing its resale value on the other. Read on to know more about it.
A fireplace keeps you warm on a cold winter night. It shares your intimate moments. It is witness to how shamelessly lazy you can be, curled up before it in your faded PJs, a riveting novel, and a cup of steaming hot chocolate.
Among the different ideas and options available for fireplaces having a stone veneer surround is becoming quite a rage. Read this to know why you should opt for installing stone veneer fireplace instead of anything else.

Benefits of a Stone Veneer Fireplace

Using stone veneer for a fireplace is something that is becoming more and more common by the day. Let's just take a look at some of the major reasons why people prefer stone veneer over brick fireplaces.
  • Stone veneer looks the same as real stone.
  • Though artificially prepared, its installation requires the same procedure of a normal fireplace.
  • Installation of stone veneer costs much lesser than that of a stone fireplace.
  • The reason is that since the stone veneer is nothing but faux stone, it costs much less compared to real stone which can be very expensive.
  • It has the same properties, so it is a cheaper and more durable substitute for real stone.
  • We can say this because, as opposed to real stone, which can get affected by harsh light, various cleaning products and also fades gradually, stone veneer does none of the above. It is sturdy and strong and can withstand a lot of pressure and harsh conditions.
  • In addition to the low price, another plus point is its light weight.
  • This light weight makes it easier to transport from one place to another and also to makes it easy for its installation.
  • Another very important advantage is that the combustion chances of a stone veneer fireplaces are very low. Hence, you can rest assured about the safety, once you install it.

Ideas for a Stone Veneer Fireplace

One of the benefits of stone veneer is that it can be used for the interior as well as the exterior of your home. Inside the house, you can use it for a fireplace surround or for a creative and stylish fireplace design idea. You can also use it for stairs, stair railings, pillars, beams, etc.
Outside the home, you can make chimneys, fences, facades, and fireplaces too. The best part is, because it resembles natural stone so closely, many people will believe that it is indeed real stone. This gives it an added advantage.
Hence, whatever way you use it, a stone veneer fireplace will definitely add to the glamor quotient of your home, within your house or even outside it. So, the d├ęcor of your home does not really matter when you have finally decided to install it. Here are some ideas that you can try out for your home.


For a traditional fireplace, stone veneer is a great option. It can give a rustic feel to your home, whether or not you complement it with traditional furniture.
Having a gorgeous antique fainting couch placed on a warm and cozy rug will just add to the inviting feel of the room.


For a more contemporary approach, you can place a couple of huge, mismatched, and comfortable chairs in front of the fireplace. Decorate the mantle with some family picture frames and you're good to go.

Ultra Modern

Opt for stone veneer if you want something ultra-modern. With the blend of the natural stone look and a sleek fireplace surround, transform your room into a masterpiece. Hung the television above the fireplace to enjoy both the things at once.
As you can see, a stone veneer fireplace is a much safer, cheaper, and also a sophisticated option. So get one installed at the earliest and enjoy some warm and fun-filled evenings!