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Stone Fireplace Designs

Stone Fireplace Designs
Browse through the images of stone fireplace designs and you are sure to love them. So, if you are planning to have one in your house, consider the stony structures that will spruce up the beauty of your space, apart from adding the required warmth.
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Fireplace designs, made up of stone as a primary element, are quite popular. The mantels made up of stone are the ideal option for a traditional, as well as contemporary look. You can choose from various types of stones that are easily available with the building contractors or building material suppliers. Apart from the variety, there are a number of ways in which these can be laid to have an amazing design plan. Here are some ideas for the same that you can opt for.
Basic Designs
Firstly, consider whether you are searching for the one for indoor or outdoor fireplace. These will vary in terms of size and mantle structure. You can have a classic one built in one of the interior walls itself. Basically, this style is not a standalone type that is usually installed against the walls with a separate decorative mantel. These built-in styled mantel designs are much popular pick for small spaces. For these, enough space is made in the wall, and the wall edges and interior carved area work as the mantel. In this style, you can decorate the entire wall with your creative ideas using a variety of small and large stones.
Another option is to have those that have the basic structure dug inside the Earth, with a decorative stone border in line with the ground that looks class-apart. The outdoor fireplace with a unique-shaped structure is sure to add a beauty element to your existing landscape. Lastly, you can have the mantel designs that offer a perfect closed enclosure. Options in shapes are plenty if you choose to have a mantel. Whichever style you choose, options in stones are numerous, too.
Natural stone designs are the most popular ones. Limestone is a great option to go for. Its natural color helps you to have a soft and classy mantel, designed to suit your taste. Its neutral color also easily compliments any type of home decor and wall paint colors. Marble and granite are other good options to consider. There is a wide variety available in these, as well. You can also checkout other types of rocks that can make grand-looking structures. A mix of large and small ones can rightly make a great structure. Place largest rocks at the base and have smaller ones used in the structure.
Pebbles can't be forgotten, when it comes to the design aspect. Using large and small pebbles of various colors is the best idea for your indoors. Even, for the small mantel, you can have small pebble inlays for the outer border. In stacked stone designs, you can have a mix of pebbles, large rocks, and a variety of stones. Have a mix of flat, round, and uneven ones in the design. Flat ones are best for the interior; round and uneven can be used for rest of the mantel design. When you have one built in the wall, then use the rounded ones, covering the entire wall.
These are a few design ideas; make sure that you consider the reputation of the company, the quality of materials, and the costs involved beforehand. Thus, check out the options available and get set to have a wonderful looking fireplace.
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