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Steps to Assemble Adjustable Bed Frames

5 Easy Steps to Assemble Adjustable Bed Frames

You will hardly take an hour to assemble adjustable bed frames. The following DecorDezine article will guide you so that you do not make any mistakes during the assembly.
Sonu S
Last Updated: Apr 22, 2018
You cannot increase or decrease the size of your bed easily, if it does not have an adjustable frame. Adjustable bed frames are easy to assemble, and allow you to change the dimensions of your bed, depending on the size of your mattress.
How to Assemble an Adjustable Bed Frame
It is not difficult to assemble adjustable frames, but you should avoid careless mistakes while assembling, else you will be extremely irritated by the time you are done with the assembly! Here are the steps that you should follow:
Many people assemble the bed at a different location, and then damage it while transporting it to the position that they desire. Moreover, moving an assembled bed from one location to another is a very difficult and irritating task. Just imagine the problems that you will have to face while moving the bed through the small doorway of your bedroom, if you have assembled it in some other room. So, you should first decide the location where you want to place the bed, and then assemble it at the same location.
When you receive the carton containing the adjustable bed frames, inspect it, and make sure that you have all the things that you need to assemble the bed frame. You will have problems in assembling the frame, even if one of the bolts is missing, so see that you have all the things necessary for the assembly before you start.
Once you have all things that you need, you can start with the assembly. It would be great if you have someone to help you out throughout the process. You will save a lot of time and effort if you have a helping hand.
Step 1
To adjust the size of the bed according to the size of the mattress, you will have to measure the dimensions of the mattress. Take a tape measure, and precisely measure the length and the breadth of the mattress (you do not have to measure the height). Note down these measurements.
Step 2
You will find 4 sides in the carton that you received. Your aim is to form a 'box' using these sides. Take the longer sides, and place them parallel to each other. Similarly, position the smaller sides in such a way that they are parallel, and are in contact with the longer sides.
Step 3
Once you have the 'box' ready, use the nuts and bolts, provided in the carton to join the sides. There are 2 things that you should remember while attaching the sides:
  • The length and the breadth of the 'box' should be more than the size of the mattress (use the dimensions recorded earlier).
  • Do not tighten the nuts too much, as you may have to resize the frame later.
Step 4
After you are done attaching the sides by securing the corners, here are the things that you should do:
  • Take the bed and carefully place it on the 'box' that you made a while ago.
  • Now, take the mattress, and slowly keep it on the bed.
Step 5
This is the last step. Observe the bed that you have assembled. If you feel that the mattress is not fitting snugly, then resize the frame by applying pressure on the sides (this is why I asked you to keep the nuts loose). When you are sure that no more adjustments need to be made, fasten the nuts to the bolts. The corners should be completely secure.
Your bed is ready, you can start using it right away. You do not have to worry about bed frame sizes, if you have an adjustable bed frame, as you will be able to use the same frame for all standard mattress sizes.