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You Must Know About Steam Shower Units and Their Installation

Steam Shower Units
There are different steam shower units available today. Right from modular units to personalized ones.
Pragya T
Last Updated: Dec 07, 2018
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While selecting a steam shower unit, there are many practical aspects to consider, like the type of steam shower enclosure you buy suits your bathroom or not, space for shower enclosure, whether the cost of the unit and installation fits in your budget, etc.
This is because a steam shower unit will release a lot of moisture, and if the bathroom can't handle the moisture, then soon you will face problems related to mold, moisture. Apart from the shower unit cost, consult the local dealer, talk to the plumber/electrician who has experience in fitting these units and get an estimate of the installation cost.
It is important that you get the shower steam units fitted properly in your home, because a leaky unit will not produce enough steam, making the steam shower unsatisfactory. Getting them with a good warranty is also advisable.
Modular Units
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These units have integral doors, steam dispensers, multiple shower heads, foldable seats, and other features.
People who suffer from certain medical conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure, pregnant women, and very young children are advised not to take steam in these units. In these shower units you can either take a steam bath or a regular shower, making them the best steam shower units for families.
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You can even pick modular units with tub at the base. They are easy to clean due to the acrylic material used. You can pick corner design units to save space or pick a design like oval, circular, or rectangular according to your liking.
They are easy to install and easy to replace, however they don't come with many colors. Pick a shower unit model which comes with a textured floor to reduce the chance of slips.
Customized Units
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If you don't wish to go for the modular steam/shower units, then consider a customized shower stall. It can help you to control the water vapor amount from a handle. With such unit you can have tiled floors, walls, a ceiling and door which closes completely.
Customized shower units are usually opted for when you are starting bathroom construction, and you can add amenities like rain showers or towers to the steam shower unit. Note down the features you want and order for a custom-made unit accordingly.
If you wish to cut down on cost, then pick features which you need the most. For example, a door which completely seals, or non-tiled surfaces, steam generator, etc.
Shower Suites
shower bench
Another type of is the luxury steam shower unit which are loaded with lots of features. If you can spend, then this is the best one for you.
These come with various theme decorations, foot massager, aromatherapy, waterproof radios, CD players, hands-free telephones, mood lighting, multiple water jets, ceiling rain showers, waterfalls, body sprays, etc. Shower suites can accommodate a couple to a group of 10 people.
These were the three different types of steam shower units available today and the features they come with. So, pick a unit which comes with the features you need and fits your budget and enjoy taking a relaxing steam shower!