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Types of Stairway Railings

Parashar Joshi Sep 29, 2018
Installing safe railings on stairways is very important. This article lists some innovative yet affordable ideas for you to implement in your home.
Staircases are an integral part of apartments, villas, bungalows, cottages, offices, factories, warehouses, and almost every all types of building.Though their purpose is to enable people move between the floors, they also play a major part in adding visual appeal to the architecture.
Stairs can be enhanced by using a variety of railings that provide safety to its users. They also add great beauty to the stairs and the surrounding areas. Rails are available in a wide range of materials and designs.

The Basics

A lot of things need to be kept in mind while constructing a stair railing. Along with providing safety and ease-of-use, it should also complement the staircase, steps, and the room interiors.
It should not be too bulky or heavy. At the same time, it should not be jittery or fragile either. The weight and dimensions of the railing should be such that it does not weigh down the staircase and yet, remains comfortable for users.



Classy, elegant and oldest wooden railings have been popular over the years because of their traditional look.They are usually used in historical places, museums, government buildings, libraries, etc.
Oak and cedar wood are the most common, although mahogany and teak can also be substituted at times.
They can be designed in a variety of ways and are equally suitable for straight staircases as well as curved ones. Their color tends to change a bit with age, and this only adds to their charm and beauty. They can also be further accessorized by fitting iron balusters, giving the entire railing a vintage yet contemporary look


Iron railings are equally popular and are widely used in homes, offices, hotels, and other outdoor locations. They offer a lot more creative options compared to the wooden ones. They can be designed in a variety of patterns. 
They can also be combined with wooden handrails to give a chic, trendy look. Sections of wrought iron railing interspersed with individual wooden posts or balusters is another example of traditional-meets-contemporary.
Wrought iron rods are powder-coated, and therefore are well-protected from dirt, dust, moisture, and other factors. Iron railings offer a significant advantage in the fact that they are almost maintenance-free.


A balustrade consists of a line or series of individual balusters, and is perfect for both internal and external railings. Seamless balusters incorporate new designs and materials with traditional ones, and therefore, is trending all over the world.
Balustrading makes it possible to combine a variety of materials such as aluminum, steel, sheet glass, wooden posts, wrought iron rods, wires, and even vinyl fences to make stylish, modern, and yet sturdy railings.
Stair railings are a very important aspect of interior design and home decor. With a host of railing ideas and many other accessories like custom handrail fittings, newel posts, and iron twists, designing a new staircase is truly an exciting activity that every homeowner will look forward to.