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Staircase Remodeling

Mamta Mule Mar 14, 2019
Visually appealing staircases definitely impart a beautiful touch to your interiors. If you have planned to refurbish your staircase structure, here are some ideas. Have a look!
An indoor staircase that leads to the upper story of your house is often focal point of the space. Designing this staircase in the best way is definitely essential. It is one of the heavy traffic areas in your house and hence, it might get dull and damaged after a few years.
If same is the condition of your staircase, you might be planning to remodel it and revamp its appearance. Just read on and get a few ideas on remodeling staircases, thus giving a new look to the interiors of your house.

Ideas on How To Remodel Staircases

Clean It

If the staircase is just a few months old, then you need not indulge in a full-fledged staircase remodeling job. Start by cleaning the entire structure thoroughly.
If it is made up of wrought iron or any other metal, then cleaning will be much easier. Get a commercial cleaner and wipe it off completely. For wooden staircases, wiping with dry cloth, followed by cleaning with a damp microfiber cloth is enough in most cases.

Polish and Paints

Staircase cleaning can be followed by a polish or paint job. For wooden staircase, use a quality wooden polish solution to give it a natural finish. If your wooden or metal staircase is painted, then touch ups can work well in covering minor chip offs and hairline scratches.
Make sure that you use a color that matches with the existing staircase color in this case. For excess color chip offs and damage, undertake a complete staircase painting project. Make sure that you sand it thoroughly, prime it and then paint. Consider using a fresh, new color if you are painting complete staircase.

Fresh Flooring

For a staircase that consists of laminates or fixed carpets, why not consider installing new laminate or carpet and give it a fresh look? While installing a new flooring or even the laminate planks can be a long project, you can opt for a simpler alternative like carpeting the staircase.
Floor carpets are available in various colors and designs. You can buy one that will match with the hand rails and complement rest of the interior flooring, further giving a refreshed look to the staircase.

Carpet Runners

When you have a staircase that is not actually damaged but looks dull and a bit boring, consider jazzing it up by adding some accent pieces to it. When you want to give a quick makeover to your staircase, carpet runners are a thing you can opt for!
Well, carpet runners are available in a wide price range, from low to highly expensive designs and you can pick one which rightly blends with your interior decor. Pick a classy neutral or hot bright color, whichever works well with your interiors!

Stair Treads

You can find treads in a number of materials, colors and textures as well. Most of the pieces also add a slip-resistant feature to the staircase. Stair treads that are becoming popular staircase decor items, offer great options for remodeling.
While you work on your project, whether you need to refurbish it completely or just add some decor elements, completely depends upon the existing condition of this structure. Before you start the remodeling project, do consider your budget. You can also browse through the designs for remodeling stairs and give it a completely new look.
Once you have remodeled the stairs, fix up nice wall frames on the walls besides this structure, add potted plants at each floor and place tall decor pieces where the staircase starts.