Staircase Molding Ideas

Rimlee Bhuyan Jan 2, 2019
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Most home owners are so focused on wall colors and furniture while decorating and they often ignore areas like the staircase and entryway. A staircase in your home can become the focal point with the right decorating ideas.
While decorating your home, you would like everything to be just perfect. You choose the room layout, furniture and upholstery with a lot of care. You take pains to find the perfect shade of a particular color that you had always wanted for the walls. But after you are done decorating, you feel that something is missing... something does not quite add up.
The room looks good, but it is not finished. It does not look the way you had envisioned it. Then your eyes goes to the utilitarian staircase that goes up the bedroom. Now you get it. It is the staircase. You were so busy decorating the room, that you neglected to extend your interior decorating skills to the staircase.
To make a room which has a connecting element like a staircase look polished and aesthetically pleasing, you need to jazz up the staircase too. One great way to do it is to add molding to the staircase.

Ideas for Staircase Molding

Molding Along the Wall

One of the best way to add some pizazz to a staircase is to install wall molding that runs parallel to the handrail of the staircase. Most homes have a staircase that has a balustrade on one side and the other side is a blank wall.
Adding a beading molding or wainscoting on the wall will add visual interest to the staircase. You can also install narrow strips of molding along the wall which runs parallel to the balustrade. Choose a color of molding that is harmonious to the wall color. You can match the molding color to that of the balustrade or try a color that contrasts with it.
Another great staircase molding idea is to install a chair rail molding that runs parallel to the balustrade of the staircase, and then install a tufted fabric on the bottom portion of the wall. A tufted fabric wall can be created by placing foam or batting on the wall and then covering the batting with decorative fabric.

Molding on the Treads

A very simple and cost-effective way to transform the look of your staircase is by adding molding on the edge of the stair treads. If you have wooden stairs, then add a thin strip of molding around the edges of each tread.
The molding for the treads should ideally have thinner trimmings with rounded edges. Ideally, the color of the molding should match the stair treads so as to create a harmonious and cohesive look. But if your home d├ęcor is eclectic or you want to go for a more modern look, you can opt for molding in a contrasting color to that of the treads of the staircase.

Molding on the Balustrade

The balustrade of the staircase is another area where you can add molding to make the staircase look more attractive and stylish. Install spindle molding in between the vertical balusters which gives the staircase a luxurious and finished look.
Spindle molding in off white contrasts well with wooden risers and treads of the staircase. You can also install rosette molding or any other ornate molding on the tread brackets for a more distinctive look.
If you are good at DIY projects then you can install such molding yourself. For panel molding and spindle molding installation on the staircase, it is best that you hire a professional. Adding different types of molding is a great way to add interest and visual flair to a staircase.
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