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Stair Trim Molding

Stair Trim Molding
Stair trim molding is one of the popular ways to enhance the appearance of this structure. Beautiful and decorative trim moldings added along the wall besides the staircase, give a plush look to the overall space. Here's more about trim molding for staircase.
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An interior staircase often forms the focal point of a house, no matter where it is placed. Hence, designing the staircase well is essential in order to play up the beauty of the interior space. Various elements can be used in order to enhance the appearance of this staircase. Apart from decorative staircase railings, posts, stair edging and stair treads, stair trim molding forms one of the best elements to spice up the staircase and highlight it in the right way. With decorative moldings, you can give a grand touch to a simple staircase, blending it well with rest of the interior decor.
Trim Molding for Staircases
This is basically a decorative structure that is added to the walls, ceilings, floor and staircase structures. Most commonly, the molding is made of wood which can be solid or composite. Though the basic purpose of adding trims is decoration, these can be used to hide flaws as well. The mold can be restricted till the base or extended till the ceiling. Base trims and moldings along the wall, that are as high as the stair railings, are most popular ideas.
Deciding the design mainly depends upon the staircase design and decor of rest of the space. You need to consider which material is used for the railings and steps. This is essential to be considered while adding the molding to the staircase, to avoid any mismatch. One of the important tips that must be followed while its installation, is that the same must rightly blend with the basic staircase design, so that the entire structure together creates an eye-catching effect.
While adding trim molding, your budget also plays an important role. This will decide whether you can opt for solid wood to have a decorative and premium wood work adoring the staircase, or you should opt for cheaper alternatives. As mentioned earlier, composite wood is a good option. This is a perfect pick if you are on a budget. Polymer resin is often used instead of wood to have a unique-looking molding. You can paint this in colors that are matching or contrasting with the rest of the walls, and have a colored molding that looks fresh and bright.
Base trims offer soft additions for staircases that are highly decorative. As decorative staircases need not be further enhanced with trim moldings, you can add a bit of spice to their design with the base molding. Half trims made of wood are good picks to grace staircases having wood railings. You can opt for wood that is paint-grade or the premium quality wood which is stain-grade. Accordingly, play with the colors and finishes to get a rich-looking molding ready to jazz up your house.
You can explore your creativity and come up with unique ideas. While the installation, you can consider whether to match the same with the stair edging or blend it with the steps. If the steps are wooden and have a cherry brown finish, and if the stair edging is white colored, you can either opt to have a white base trim or cherry red trim. In case of molding that is as high as the railing, you can add decorative designs and woodwork patterns, so as to give an artistic touch to the structure.
You can consider adding trim molding to the staircase while working on an interior remodeling project or staircase remodeling project. Opting for quality material is always a good idea if you can afford the same. Quality wood will last longer and always impart a rich and luxurious feel to the interiors. So browse through the designs and have the best-looking pattern decided, to grace the staircase.
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