Stair Railing Ideas

Here are some creative stair railing ideas to help you furnish your new home and make it look inviting and cozy. Decide which of these ideas you would like to use.
DecorDezine Staff
Last Updated: Jul 24, 2018
Illuminated Wooden Staircase
A staircase is one of the most important parts of home d├ęcor. Not only does it take you from one level of your house to another, it also speaks a lot about you as a person.
Home Interior
If you spend a bomb on interior designing, thinking and re-thinking every tiny detail about every single aspect, why should staircases be left out?
Entrance Hall Interior
Let's discuss some nice railing ideas for stairs, so that it does not burn a hole in your pocket in the process of beautifying your home!
Outdoor Railing Ideas
Let's start with the outside of the home and work our way inwards. An outdoor railing is generally for a deck that has stairs.
Railing for a deck
So let's see some ideas, that can transform a drab deck into something gorgeous just by using innovative railings!
Backyard Deck
Most decks are made of wood. And if yours is also a wooden one, then it makes sense to have wooden rails. Match the color of the stairs and the railing. Keep it plain and simple.
Marble Staircase
You can have a brick railing for your deck stairs. You can either flank the stairs with walls, fully closing the sides, so that there is no danger of keeling over to the sides. Or you can have a balustrade made of concrete running down the sides of the stairs. This is used for a deck and also for a staircase that leads from the front or back door.
Indoor Railing Ideas
Modern Hallway Interior
Now that the outside is dealt with and over, let us move inside the home. Here are some ideas for stair rail material that you can try out within your house.
When it comes to indoor stair railings, the most important thing, at the top of every parent's mind is safety. But just because you want to ensure the safety of your child against falling over the side, does not mean you cannot spiffy up your stair railings.
Metal Railing
Go in for metal. It is the most durable material to build the railings. Use wrought iron or stainless steel. If you have a creative streak in you, you can come up with the designs and ask a local metal forger to have it forged for you.
Metailic rail design
Or you can visit a home improvements store and find some intricately designed rails, with shafts, balls, flowers, and other designs and embellishments carved in them.
Glass rail
This is an idea for a home that has no kids or one which kids rarely visit. You can have glass instead of a standard wooden or metal stair railing. Luxury homes make good use of glass as a railing. You can go in for plain see-through glass.
Glass railing
Match the glass with the color of your walls, or go in for stained glass with a beautiful design on it, provided the rest of the house has very muted tones of a neutral color. It'll render a very modernistic feel to your home.
Cable Wire
Cable Wire Railing
Another interesting idea which is modern, creative and money-saving as well is making the rail out of cable wires. Just straighten out any old, spare or unused cable wires lying in your basement and have them running across the length of a wood or metal rail!
So, these are some of the stair railing ideas. Have a nice time decorating your home.