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Stair Lift Manufacturers

Stephen Rampur Mar 2, 2019
Stair lifts are devices installed at the railing of stairs to move people up and down the stairs. There are many trusted stair lift manufacturers offering quality products. Read on to know more.
Stair lifts, also known as chairlifts, are devices attached to a special railing that helps the carriage move up and down. This setup enables a person to sit on the chair attached to a carriage and go from one floor to the other without much effort. These are useful for those who are unable to climb the stairs, especially the old and the differently abled.
Today's stair lifts come with a variety of features like an adjustable seat, speed controls, a seatbelt, and start and stop functions. There are some popular brands, when it comes to buying stair lifts.
You need to know what kind of stair lift you require, such as that running on electricity or on battery power. You also have to determine if you need a standing or a sitting one. You need to select a brand that is known to provide good quality products. Also remember to make sure you can easily buy parts of the system from a nearby dealer.
To know about the goodwill, after-sales services, and stair lift prices from a particular manufacturer, you can ask for recommendations from those who are already using certain brands.

Most Popular Stair Lift Manufacturers

ThyssenKrupp Access

This is one of the most reputed manufacturers of chairlifts and other home-access solutions. With 60 years of expertise, it is considered the best manufacturer for home and industrial elevators as well.
The company offers three kinds of stair lifts; 'Levant' for straight staircases, 'Flow II' for curved staircases, and 'Comfort'. The brand offers solutions to almost all needs for access to different spaces in a house.


Stannah is one of the leading manufacturers of stair lifts in the UK since 1975. Since that time, it has a record of selling about 400,000 stair lifts all over the world. The technical department of the company services and repairs chairlifts from any brand, which spells exceptional customer service.
Stannah offers products in models such as Starla, Siena, Sadler, Homelift, Child Seat, and Outdoor.

Bison Bede

This company backs its reputation with around 20 years of experience in the industry. Till date, it has served about 180,000 people in home accessibility with stair lifts.
There are five products available today, namely Bison Bede 50, Bison Bede 80, Bison Bede Compact, Bison Bede Classic Stairlift, and Bison Bede Contour/Contour Elite. You can purchase Bison Bede products from authorized dealers.


The parent company of Minivator is Handicare, a mobility aids producer. This stair lift manufacturer offers products through Sterling Stair lifts which has certain authorized dealers.
Minvator's lineup of chairlifts consists of Minivator Simplicity straight stair lift, Minivator Simplicity+, Minivator 1000 straight stair lift, Minivator 2000 curved stair lift, and other variations. The brand is well known for quality and service anywhere in the world.


This company was formed after Mr. Frederick Brooks invented a stair lift for his wife in 1972. This manufacturer brings with it about 30 years of expertise in offering stair lift solutions. The Brooks Lincoln Stair lift is probably one of the top-selling models.
A good part of these chairlifts is that they come with pre-installed DC Power packs which can be recharged after use. There are also other features such as remote operation, joystick control, and braking and speed controls.


This is a stair lift brand popular especially in the UK. It provides solutions for straight and curved stairs, and even has options for different types of seating. It offers Mondriaan, Picasso, and Elite Heavy Duty models for straight stairs; and Van Gogh, Rembrandt, and Vermeer for curved installations.
Seats are available in Classic, Comfort, Panda (for children), and Elite options. This brand works under the Handicare group, just like Minivator.


Officials from the brand are proud about the safety, convenience, and comfort that their products provide. The company started its operations in 1992 and is presently one of the top competitors in the industry. It has ranges such as MediTek straight, Curved, External Lift, and Stand & Perch; each of which have unique features for customized needs.
Other features comprise footrest adjustment, different seating installation, seatbelt, and remote-controlled operation just to name a few.
Some brands cater to a majority of the UK market, whereas others are more active in the US market of home accessibility solutions. Stair lifts have certainly made it a lot easier for old and differently abled people to get to any floor in the house, with safety and comfort.
Installing a stair lift as a DIY project is possible, but using professional workmanship is advisable, in order to ensure maximum safety and quality standards.