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Staining Composite Doors

Staining Composite Doors

Exterior or interior composite doors can be stained, if they have started to look dull. You may also do so, even when they are newly installed and needs a facelift. Here is the procedure of staining composite doors which you can follow and give them a lovely appearance.
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Old doors often look dull due to their worn finish. While you have a door which is working right and has no major surface damages, giving them a fresh look is not a tough job. Such old doors are commonly painted in fresh colors, which is enough to give them a look new. While you work on an interior remodeling project, refreshing the doors, windows and their frames can't be missed out. While painting regular doors is quite easy, staining composite doors involves a few different steps. If you are planning to give a fresh finish to the composite doors in your house, here's the procedure that needs to be followed so as to get the best results.

Basic Steps to Follow

Clean Them
Before you start working on the procedure, it needs to be cleaned out thoroughly. This will ensure that there is no dust or accumulated dirt left in corners of the door which might give an uneven look to the painted surface. Cleaning the doors is a bit different from cleaning other surfaces. These doors need to be cleaned with a damp cloth first, followed by wiping off them with a cloth which is dampened with mineral spirits. The mineral spirit will later evaporate or dry off. After wiping the door from top to bottom, leave a gap of at least 20 minutes before moving on to the next step.

Basic Preparations
Now make the basic preparations like ventilating the room and covering the floors. Open all the doors and windows in this room. Take plastic sheets and masking tape or painter's tape. Properly cover and protect the entire area below and around the door while you go about staining it. You can also tape off the door frame and some areas of the wall around the door.

Remember that these doors have a plain surface without that classy natural grain look which the wooden doors have. When you consider composite doors vs wooden doors, their finish remains the basic difference. By staining the composite doors, you may end up giving them a bland look. Moreover, many doors do not absorb stain or application of stains on their surface and often results into color changes. To avoid change in color of stain and have a nice looking door, here are the steps that needs to be followed.

Readying the Door Surface
As mentioned earlier you need to ready the surface for stain application. This involves testing the door for stain absorption. You can take a little amount of stain and apply it on the edge or back of the door. In case the basic color of stain changes, then you will, first, need to work on sealing the door surface with a stain sealer before you start the procedure. You can either apply a coat of stain sealer or even opt to apply a coat of opaque exterior latex paint. Now the opaque exterior latex paint will not only ready the door for stain application but, it will also allow you to use textured paints and stains on it. You can have a wood grain effect or use other textured stains to give an appealing look to the door. Leave the door for drying after a coat of any of the two aforementioned products is applied.

The Staining Step
Next, take the chosen stain into a bucket and a wide and flat paintbrush. Make sure that you browse through the options available, in terms of color and type of stains. Start application of stain from top to bottom. You can use a paint roller as well to get a plain finish, especially if you are using a single colored, non-textured and glossy stain. Let the stain dry before application of next coat. Ensure that you neatly cover the edges and corners of the door.

Finishing Coat
Once the stain is completely dried off you can finish the process by application of a durable exterior ultraviolet (UV) ray resistant top coat or a clear varnish. A top coat will help restore the beauty of stained doors for a longer duration. In case of exterior doors the UV resistant top coat ensures that the stained surface is not damaged due to sunlight.

This was the procedure which you can follow, in order to give a classy new look to the dull, old composite door. Playing with colors so as to make the door attractive and visually appealing is not a tough task.
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