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Stained Glass Window Film

Naomi Sarah Jan 8, 2019
Stained glass windows have been in use from about 1100 AD. It is a stained glass imitation piece, which is just as refined, intricate and breathtaking as the real thing. Find out how this kind of window film can transform any ordinary room into a grand one...
Stained glass is a technique that's been practiced from about 1100 AD, to this very day. Its ability to capture selective parts from the white light spectrum, due to the presence of metallic salts and oxides, allows us to see the many colors.
Churches and cathedrals use religious stained glass windows to depict parables from the Bible, and also the lives of saints. Here you will see how you can put up stained glass-like mosaic imitations in your home, giving it that air of elegance yet keeping it homey.

Stained Glass Window Placement

Using stained glass window film is a nice way to turn a simple looking room into something a little more stylish. A balcony door, framed by wood, which changes the look of the room completely. It is comparatively cheaper than real stained glass. Let's take a look at where these can go up in your home...

Patio Windows

These window fittings are a great place to put in stained glass films. They open out into the backyard, giving it a very picturesque look. These are nice for homes with a garden view out front, or even a nice lawn.

Balcony Doors

These bring in a lot of sunlight, because of its wide spacing. Use decorative stained glass window film throwing specks of color into the room, when sunlight passes through the glass. Use a sliding doors with minimal stained glass film patterns from top to bottom, or a wooden framed doors with the top half incorporating a stained glass effect.

Bedroom Windows

This is great way to shower light into a bedroom when the early rays of sunlight fall through. You can experiment with colors, and match it with the room's color theme to make it come off as more cozy and in tune with the room, than out of place.

Drawing Room/Hall Windows

It gives the room a nice feel the room to it, when different colors are bouncing off the walls. It can be a nice sight when you're t relaxing after a hard day of work or when you have guests over during the week.

Where Can I Buy It?

There are companies that help you out with buying imitation stained glass for your homes. They offer a wide collection of patterns, designs and ideas that you can choose from.


This company provides adhesive-free samples that leave no room for any messiness. It is static cling film in nature and can be used on any smooth, non porous surface with UV ray protection as well. It has a lot of other features like being reusable and comes with a three year warranty. Pick out from many kinds of designs to suit your taste and your home.


This company features prints of all kinds, including faux stained glass film. You can search for your desired kind of window film, including the dimensions of your print to custom fit your window/door.


They also cater to static cling type stained glass film prints. You can use these for mirrors, glass cabinet doors, vehicle windows, shower doors and more. It is available in all kinds of sizes, for you to pick and choose from, including different textures like plastic, vinyl, etched glass, and so on.
Using the window film is a great way to add color and creativity to a room. You can experiment with any room in the house, to further enhance a certain theme or setting that a room holds. It goes with any time of season, be it rainy, snowy or a hot summer's day; its versatile nature makes it ideal for decorative purposes.