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Stability Ball Chair Reviews

Stability Ball Chair Reviews

A lot of people have started using the stability ball chair as an office chair. Apart from the fact that it is more comfortable than an office chair, there are many benefits of this chair. Let's take a look...
Bhakti Satalkar
Exercise balls, also known as stability balls, are made using elastic soft PVC. These balls are available in different sizes. They range between 14 to 34 inches in diameter and are filled with air. The balls have a valve stem, which is used to adjust air pressure in it. The use of stability balls is often made in physiotherapy, athletic training and not to forget most commonly for exercises. There are many stability ball exercises, which are often practiced in most of the gyms. In the recent times, these balls have also been used as chairs. Stability ball chairs have commonly replaced the ergonomic chairs used in offices for the numerous benefits it has to offer.


A number of companies have launched the ball chair in the market. Therefore, it is difficult to figure out which among them is better than others. We will now see the reviews of some of the ball chairs available in the market.

FitBALL Stability Ball Chair
The FitBALL stability ball chair is available in two sizes. One can buy it either in 55 cm or 65 cm. The height of the chair can be adjusted according to your preferences. It can be adjusted to a maximum height of 56 cm. There are three colors in which the ball is available, namely silver, black and pearl. Any person weighing up to 220 lbs can use this ball chair.

Gaiam Stability Ball Chair
The designer of this ball chair is a chiropractic professional. It comes with 52 cm balance balls. One can buy it in different colors. The frame is made with heavy duty molded PVC material, while the stability ball is made from anti-burst vinyl. The base of this ball chair has 4 easy glide wheels, two of which can be locked. A person up to 300 lbs can make use of this chair with ease.

J Fit Exercise Balance Ball Chair
The dimensions of this chair are 25 inches in height, 8 inches wide and 22 inches deep. The size of the stability ball is 20 inches. The chair does not come assembled and needs assembly. It is available in gray color only, which is often a deterrent while buying it.


Let's read about the benefits of using the stability ball chair. Using it ensures the person has proper spine alignment. The body has to do a lot of work, as the ball is not stable and the body has to realign itself to get into the right posture. This in turn leads to improvement in spinal health and decreases back pains, which are often caused due to improper posture. The built of the chair is such that the person has to keep changing the position he is sitting in at regular intervals. Due to this the damage caused to the body, by sitting in one position for an extended period of time is reduced. Since the person moves at regular intervals, blood circulation to all parts of the body increases. On the other hand, using the regular office chair often reduces blood circulation to certain parts of the body.

Using this chair has another benefit. It increases core strength. It helps in working the lower as well as upper abdominal muscles. To maintain balance, the body has to make use of the core muscles. This in turn strengthens the core muscles. Stability ball ab exercises have become very famous in the last few years. Many people also choose to make use of stability balls for weight training as well.

Before you buy one for yourself, or as part of your office furniture, it is important to consult your physician. He will be in a better position to advise you on the right chair, which you should be using for your condition. At the same time, gradually increase the amount of time you sit on the stability ball chair. If you feel any kind of discomfort, chances are high that you are not using the chair well. At such times, consult a chiropractor to know if you adopt a wrong posture when you sit on the chair.