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Spray Painting Furniture

Spray Painting Furniture

By learning spray painting furniture techniques, you can repaint old wooden, metal, or plastic furniture. You can also repaint new furniture items to match them with your old furniture items. Read on...
Pragya T
The conventional method to paint furniture was done using a brush. But, now spray cans have greatly replaced the use of brush in many aspects. Using spray paint gives a better finish, is more handy, and one does not have to be too worried about the dripping paint. Also, painting with spray cans is cheaper and less time-consuming. Spray paint can also be used to paint any furniture items made of plastic, metal, or wood. So, gather all the mentioned below material and follow the instructions on spray painting the furniture.

How to Spray Paint Furniture?
Things you will need are:
  • Old newspapers
  • Light grit sandpaper
  • Fine grit sandpaper
  • Tack cloth
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Spray paint cans
Step #1: The first step is to take out any items from the piece of furniture that you don't want to paint. Take out drawers, cushions seats, or other materials you don't want to paint on. If something is not practically possible to be separated from the furniture object, then cover it properly with a layer of plastic film.

Step #2: The second step while painting wood furniture is to clean the furniture properly. Lay a layer of old newspaper sheets, and place your furniture on it. It is very important to get rid of even small debris on the furniture, otherwise the finish will not be so good. Use the grit sandpaper couple of times to remove any dust or sawdust on the furniture. You can use the tack cloth to clean the furniture. After this use a vacuum cleaner, and again carefully clean the furniture to get rid of even small particles of dust.

Step #3: Now take the spray paint can in your hand and shake it for few minutes vigorously, so that the paint gets mixed up uniformly in the can and you can avoid any streaky or uneven-painted surface. Hold the can upright in your hand and about 8 inches away from the surface of the furniture. And with a back and forth motion of your hands start applying the paint.

Step #4: It is important that you maintain a fast pace and work in thin coats while spray painting furniture. Because, when applying with a fast pace in thin coats, you can avoid any runs, drips, or blotches on the finished product.

Step #5: After the first coat of paint, allow the furniture to dry. If you feel like the furniture item needs another coat of paint, then again follow the above steps and apply one more coat of the paint. You might also want a third application of the paint.

Step #6: If you want to have a high gloss shine on the furniture item, then you can use a very fine grit sandpaper on the first coat of paint, and then start applying the next coat. Make sure you let each coat dry properly in the sun or a warm place, and then remove any dust with a tack cloth and then apply the next finish.

Step #7: Check the finished furniture item in good light properly. Check for thick or thin paint areas on the surface, or any dirt or debris that got stuck during painting in the surface. Fix these areas by using a sandpaper. Then you can add thinner coats on the surface, till you get desired effect.

So, gather all the things you need for spray painting and follow the above instructions properly to spray paint on various furniture items!
man doing spray painting
grit sandpaper to remove any dust
taking out drawer from table