Spanish Style Furniture

Shashank Nakate Nov 30, 2018
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One of the popularly used designs of furniture, the Spanish style is known not only for the comfort it provides but also for its intricate and beautiful carvings.
Characterized by the use of vibrant colors and adorned by skillful wood carvings, the Spanish design is comfortable and also very popular. Though it is influenced by the English and the Moorish styles, it has retained its unique look and feel.
The main features of the furniture used in Spain are the cabinets, chests, and chairs with broad legs. Importance is given to the detailing and size. The difference in this design and others can be marked by the wood turnings, colors, and decorations used. The decorations include the depiction of courtship, bullfighting, etc.
The specialty of chairs of this style is that they are more spacious, with a wide and high back for resting. The wood obtained from walnut tree is mostly used, while cedar, mahogany, chestnut, and oak are also used occasionally. A good thing about this kind is the strength and durability it possesses.

Furniture Items

The different types are the chests, varguena, decorative chairs, and papalera.


These are an integral part of Spanish furniture. The prominent features of designer chests are the use of leather upholstery and decorative nails. It is one of the oldest item and has been in use right from the middle ages. People in Spain also use it for seating.


It is a writing desk commonly found in Spanish homes. A useful item in their daily lives, it is used for storing stationery items, like letters, ink, pen, and paper. It is a portable item and is similar to a lap desk.


It is used to store precious things, like jewelry, mostly silver items. Its structure encompasses a big cabinet with 6 to 8 drawers on either side. It is decorated with intricate carvings. The 'pull' of the drawers are colored in gold. It's legs are round in shape and short in length. Short legs make the it appear low and very close to the ground.

Influences of the Renaissance Period

It was in the renaissance period that the Spanish decor got influenced by various other styles including the English, Moorish and the Italian. The carvings of wood were more intricate and articulate during this period.
Lacquer was used to give the furniture a shine, and the colors used were mostly red or gold. The use of lacquer for styling was inherited from the English. Another change that took place was, the chair legs became more slender and carved.

Islamic Styling

After the Moorish conquered Spain in 711 CE, the arabesque features were introduced in the original Spanish line. The motifs of this style were ingrained and included the representations of plants and animals and types of geometric patterns.
Thus, this style has created a niche of its own and a strong customer base. It is liked by many and has its presence in many homes, the world over.
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