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Soundproof Curtains

Soundproof Curtains
Are you fed up of your noisy neighbors? Then, soundproof curtains might be an effective solution for your problem. Read this article to get information on how curtains that are soundproof, can prove to be of help.
Megha Tiwari
What are soundproof curtains? Do you also have the same question in mind? So, let's find out the answer. These are curtains and drapes that are used to minimize the noise from coming inside the room and these curtains also do not let the sound exit from the specified space.
Soundproof curtains are most commonly found in public settings like movie theaters, auditoriums, etc. However, if you are looking for curtains of similar nature for domestic use, then insulated curtains are a good option and can be used in an effective manner. These curtains are also called heavy-duty curtains and they closely resemble the lined curtain panel that is made from heavy and lined curtain material. The ways to hang these type of curtains is similar to the traditional curtains. The curtains can be suspended either by using simple hooks, grommet hangers, or loop fastening material. The options for colors and patterns are the same as that of the conventional curtains.
The only distinguishing feature is the thickness and heaviness of the material. These type of curtains have a quilted construction that increases the thickness of the panel by two to three inches. The quilting can be either done on both the sides, that is, back and front of the drapery panel, or only at the backside of the panel. Some drapers use the bottom hem of the panel to add weight to the curtain so that it does not move with the breeze, or any other reason.
Curtains for Soundproofing
These curtains perform the function of absorbing and muffling, rather than repelling the noise. Though they are not that efficient in absorbing the sounds like the combination of soundproof walls and soundproof insulation, but yes, these curtains can be effective in reducing the sounds and other types of vibrations that are quite distracting. These curtains can also be used where you need to control the echoing sounds and noise. For example, the study room can have soundproof drapes for windows to reduce the noise which might be distracting the family member while studying.
The quilted texture of the curtain also serves the purpose of maintaining the normal room temperature by blocking the sunlight. So, soundproofing a room will allow your child, or any other family member to concentrate more in silence. Another use of these curtains in the house is for home theaters. The installation of curtains on the interior walls of the room will help in reducing the echoing of the sound and minimize the distraction because of other noises during the movie time. It will also give you a feel of a public movie theater and you will enjoy watching movies without any kind of distraction and hindrance.
Though it is an accepted fact that soundproofing the curtains is a pretty expensive affair than the conventional lined curtains, but they serve the purpose to a great extent. Apart from this, the panels are also made fire-retardant which adds to the attributes of soundproof drapes. The maintenance of these curtains is also very simple, steam cleaning equipment can be used for cleaning. You might face difficulty in finding these curtains in home stores and at retail outlets, but you can contact commercial furnishing retailers who have a stock of designs.
In addition to the soundproofing of curtains, you can also insulate the windows which will add to blocking of sound and light. Now, you must be thinking how to insulate windows? Well, I have a solution to your problem of insulation for soundproofing as well. It is very simple. Measure the window frame to find out the depth. Use aluminum foil to cover the inner part of the window which will reflect the heat. Cut the soundproof mat and the fibrous board of the window frame size. With the help of a knife, make finger holes in the soundproof mat that can be removed whenever you want the light. Attach the board with the mat and push it into the window. Make sure that there are no gaps, and there you go, your soundproof curtain with insulated window is ready.
So, now you know how to stay away from the distracting noises and sounds. Use these curtains and keep yourself away from the noise of the outside world.
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