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Everything About Solid Surface Shower Pans

Solid Surface Shower Pan
Looking for noteworthy information on solid surface shower pans? Let this article help you out. Invest your valuable time here, and read this post on how to install a solid surface shower pan.
Azmin Taraporewala
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
Heard of bathroom decor? Well if you have, then I am sure you must be aware of what a solid surface shower pan is all about. Nevertheless, if you have a rough perception and are interested in boosting your knowledge about the same, then here is an article to aid you in comprehending what a solid surface shower pan is. To begin with, a shower pan has no fixed identity with regards to its usage. I say this because it is transposable to terms, such as shower pan liner, base pan, tray, membrane pan and a shower receptor. When we employ these terms interchangeably, we fail to realize that these terms consist of a common quotient, however, they all have their respective dynamic entities to preserve. They all have different meanings and are made from different materials.
What Is a Solid Surface Shower Pan
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A shower pan and a shower base are indeed synonymous to each other. They have a gradient floor that is capable of directing water to the drain hole. It is also equipped with sidewalls and a threshold. A threshold is an access to the shower pan that develops a peripheral edge, and that helps restrict water to slip out onto the bathroom floor. On the other hand, a shower pan liner, tray, membrane and a receptor are paraphernalia, systematically employed in order to construct a shower stall that has tiled floors and tiled sidewalls. In the recent past, instead of tiled floors and tiled sidewalls, you could resort to the expedient shower panels that are easy and convenient to install. They are so well-equipped, that they discard the demands to construct an inclined flooring and a shower tray.

Shower panels consist of composite materials as their generic composition. Composite pans are made of several materials as their foundation base and have a unique manner of construction; however, composite pans could be categorized into the following, with accordance to the material with which they are built. They are cultured marble, fiberglass, acrylic, custom, and solid surface. All are constructed with the fabrication of flat sheets, thermals formed from a single piece of material. They are also available in molded, or cast form in order to conform to the 'one single piece' unit category.

Solid surface shower pans must reserve the special shelf on your bathroom decor list. It serves to be the apex in physical features, its chemical composition and its level of performance. They offer different styles and are accompanied with a color palette on the counter to choose from. It has a guaranteed repairable factor, if cracking or chipping takes place. They are high on performance by being nonporous and, thereby not encouraging any bacterial growth. They are quite low on maintenance as well, which makes it all the more suitable for areas that have a prone to constant staining, adulteration and contamination. However, care is required to keep the shower pan looking refined as ever.
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The installation is very easy and convenient to carry out. All you need to do is to follow the instructions provided to you in this section. These steps should be followed for all installations, including the custom shower pans. Here is a systematic guide in order to aid you in the process of installation.
  1. The sub-floor should be prepared, in the first place. Ensure that the sub-floor is leveled and is devoid of any debris or obstructing structures. The sub-floor can be of wood, plywood or concrete. Although, a sub-floor prepared with the help of plywood would be preferred.
  2. Place the plywood on the floor joist and cover the plywood with a slip sheet.
  3. To ensure the slip sheet remains positioned, it is mandatory to secure the same with the help of wire mesh, and fasten both materials on the plywood surface.
  4. Assort and simultaneously assemble the bottom flange of the clamping drain.
  5. A latex additive must be poured into a wheelbarrow and mixed thoroughly.
  6. Spray the drain opening with alcohol mist.
  7. Outline the drain opening with silicone material and remove excess silicone from the drain body.
  8. Spray the alcohol mist again on the drain body and wipe the residual traces with a cloth to ensure a clean drain body.
  9. Now place the drain locking ring and secure till it is tight. Remember not to over-tighten the same. This may cause the shower base pan to crack.
  10. Lower the shower pan into the mortar bed and confirm that it is placed flat on the floor.
  11. To ensure a good drainage system, a good leveling is necessary.
  12. Each corner of thepan must have the liner folded snugly.
  13. Fill the area with deck mud and pack the same with the help of a trowel.
  14. Make sure that the weep holes, also referred to as weep edges or flanges are absolutely clear.
  15. Connect the pipe to the drain assembly, and let curing take place.
  16. Let it set for a day or two, and allow the silicone to cure completely.
  17. You can now install the wall board and the wall panel.
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Solid surface shower pans propose to be a reticent inclusion to your bathroom decor, however it is incumbent for the owner to pour the required effort to keep the shower pan in an impeccable condition. An imperative one needs to adhere to, for the shower base to look prim is to keep it bone dry. Post your shower sessions, the water on the shower walls must be receded with a wiper, proceeding with a towel or washrag to further clean and smoothen the surface. If you do not make an attempt to consciously abide by this procedure for maintenance, you are sure to find your shower pan breeding mildew. The minerals present in the water droplets would react and conspicuously pit the surface, reminiscing ugly marks on tiles. These marks are tough on the tiles, acting equally stubborn with you. If you have not been able to maintain your bathroom as prescribed, and would like to try your hand at retrieving the shinning glory of your bathroom, use acid-free cleaners. The buildup caused due to soap foam and minerals is conveniently scrubbed with the use of alkaline cleaners.

Hope you have found this piece worth a read and to the core, informative and helpful.
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