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Solar Window Screens

Solar Window Screens
A lot of heat is generated when the scorching rays of sun enter the house through windowpanes. Installing solar window screens is the best way to solve this problem. This article discusses the benefits of these screens in some more detail.
Rohit Bandri
Hanging a window sun screen (vertical)
If you think using tinted windows or window films can protect your home from the sun's heat and glare, think again! Tinted glass or window films do not stop the sun's rays from reaching the glass, and once the rays come in contact with the glass, they immediately start radiating heat inside the house. This makes tinted glass or window films totally ineffective against heat and light. The only solution is to use solar window screens. These screens use a specially created screen mesh that deflects most of the sun's high-energy UV rays before they even reach the windowpane. Some of the heat is also absorbed by the screen, while a large extent of it is dissipated to the surrounding atmosphere outside the window. Thus, these windows cut down the heat and sun-rays entering the house or building.

  • Blocks Heat: Almost 80 - 90% of the heat entering the house is blocked by solar window screens. They can reduce the indoor temperature by almost 10 - 15°C, thus making the rooms significantly cooler and much more comfortable to be in.
  • Significant Energy Savings: Solar windows can significantly reduce the burden on air conditioners and other electrical appliances used to control the temperature inside the house. They can help achieve almost 35% savings on your electricity bills by keeping the temperature inside the rooms at comfortable levels in warmer climes.
  • Fading Protection: You must have noticed that furniture kept near the windows gradually fades. Usually, fading occurs only on that part of the furniture which is directly exposed to the rays of sun. By using solar screen windows, you can easily protect your lovely and expensive furniture from fading, and retain its original look for many years.
  • Privacy: These are also useful for keeping your privacy intact from all those peeping toms in your locality. During daytime, it is very difficult for a person standing outside your house to see what's going on inside. At the same time, however, you can easily see the activities happening outside.
  • Blocks Glare: Solar screens also block glare effectively. If the glare appearing on your television screen, mirrors, or any other part of the room has been a constant headache for you, installing a solar screen on the windows will solve this problem immediately.
  • Ventilation:These screens ensure ventilation in the house while efficiently blocking dust particles and creepy insects from entering the house.
  • Winter Usage: For people using plastic to wrap their windows during the winter season, installing solar screen on windows is a more effective alternative. Just like in summers, when these screens protect heat from entering the house, in winters they do not let the heat get out of the house, thereby keeping the rooms warmer.
Besides these benefits, solar window screens are light on the pocket and go a long way in enhancing the external appearance of the house or building in which they are installed. Taking into consideration the multiple advantages they offer, these window screens can surely be thought of as one of the most important purchases that a person, family, or organization should make when moving into a new house or office.