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Soapstone Vs. Granite Countertops

Soapstone Vs. Granite Countertops - A Helpful Comparison

Confused whether to get a granite or a soapstone countertop? If yes, the following article which offers the comparison between the two, is exactly what you need...
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Dec 09, 2017
Gone are the days when kitchens were considered just a place to cook food. Although, they are still used to cook food, yet, nowadays, while interior decorating the home, kitchens are given as much importance as any other room in the house. Even while choosing a small thing, such as a kitchen countertop, people weigh the pros and cons of each of the options available, before zeroing on the one for their house.
Speaking of kitchen countertops, the ones made from stone are extremely popular, sheer due to their durability and strength. When it comes to countertops made from stone, the ones that come to the mind are granite and soapstone countertops. So, which is better - soapstone or granite? Let's find out.
Let's start with knowing what both these stones are made of. Granite is the second hardest stone on the earth and it is very porous. It is a natural stone which is made up of various kinds of minerals like mica, feldspar and quartz. Soapstone on the other hand is a metamorphic rock which is impenetrable. It is made up of chlorite, magnesium silicate and talc. Soapstone which has more of talc in it is comparatively softer than the one which has low percentage of talc.
Soapstone Countertops...
Granite has always been one of the topmost choices for kitchen countertops. However, this has considerably changed in the last couple of years, since the time people came to know of soapstone countertops. The main advantage of soapstone is that it is stain and heat resistant. Since kitchen is one place where you can expect all kinds of spills to occur, with a soapstone countertop, homeowners can be assured that permanent stains would not be caused because of the chemicals or ingredients in any food product.
Secondly, since it is heat resistant, even if hot utensils are kept on it, its surface will not get damaged. And lastly, the best thing about a soapstone countertop is that in case any scratch occurs on it, it can easily be sanded away. One only needs a sandpaper to buff the place where the scratch is, follow it up by applying mineral oil and the scratch will be gone!
On the flip side, there is not much variety available in soapstone countertops, in terms of color. The only colors it is available in are gray, gray-blue and gray-green. Even these colors, over time, turn to a darker shade, and look almost black! Another of its disadvantages is that it gets scratched very easily. So, a person would need to be extra careful while working on it. Moreover, to maintain an even color of soapstone countertops, one needs to apply mineral oil on them on a regular basis. Thus, it requires much more efforts to maintain a soapstone countertop, as compared to a granite one.
Granite Countertops...
The major advantage of having a granite kitchen countertop is that it is very strong and durable. There are very slim chances that the granite surface will ever get scratched. And for all those who want to decorate their kitchen aesthetically, will be amazed at the variety in terms of color and texture that granite countertops offer! Also, if you compare the cost of both, you will find that granite is available in all kinds of price ranges i.e. lower quality granite is the cheapest option anyone can have for a kitchen countertop, while a good quality one is there to cater to the higher-end market. On the other hand, soapstone is only available in mid-range price.
As for the disadvantages of granite countertops, it can stain very easily. To prevent it from staining, you will have to be very cautions while working in the kitchen and you would be required to apply stone sealer on it, at regular intervals.
Here's hoping that by looking at the difference between soapstone countertops and granite countertops listed above, you should now be able to choose the most appropriate one for your kitchen. If it is looks and durability that you want, go in for granite. However, if you are looking for a countertop which is stain and heat resistant and thus, will let you cook without a care in the world, go in for a soapstone countertop.