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Soaking Tubs with Jets

Soaking Tubs with Jets

At the end of a long tiring day, wouldn't you just love to immerse yourself in a soaking tub that comes replete with jets? If this sounds like heaven, then why not install such tubs? This DecorDezine article tell you more about these tubs and how to install them.
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For pure bathing luxury, there is nothing to beat a large soaking tub, ergonomically designed with high pressure jets. Many people shy away from such installation in their bathroom, thinking they are too expensive. But many manufacturers are offering good prices, and what's more, if you can install it yourself, then you don't have to shell out money to the plumber. Soaking tubs are a variation of the bathtubs that we have in some bathrooms. The only difference between a soaking tub and a bathtub is that soaking tubs are wider and shallower.

Soaking Bathtubs with Jets

There are many types of soaking baths with jets that are available in the market, and what you choose will depend on your requirement and budget. Soaking tubs are available with or without the jet features, and are often square or round in design. They have a flat bottom as opposed to the sloping bottom of standard bathtubs. This makes it easier for even elderly people to relax in a soaking bath and eliminates danger of slipping. Japanese soaking tubs are considered among the best; they are deep enough for the water to fully envelop your body, and have an in-built seat for you to sit and relax, read a book, or sip a glass of wine. They also have massage jets which can be turned on for a massage, or you can even turn on only a few jets for a bit of effervescence in your tub. They can be installed either on the surface of the floor or sunk into the floor. Soaking tubs provide a bathing experience that is relaxing and tranquilizing with a spa-like ambiance at home.

Traditional clawfoot designs have also made a comeback as more and more people are opting for a Victorian home d├ęcor. A clawfoot bath is a graceful deep soaking bathtub which has smoothly rolled rims and a slanted back to lean against. The best thing about modern clawfoot tubs are that they are available with air or water jets for massaging away your aches and pains. Clawfoot bath with jets are a perfect combination of old world charm and modern technology.

All the modern soaking tubs that come with jets, have jets that are mainly of two types, water jets and air jets. Many soaking baths have either of these or a combination of both. Air jets propel a stream of air into the bathing water creating effervescence which provides a light and soothing sensation. Water jets, on the other hand, propel a stream of high pressure water that gives your body a light or deep massage, depending upon the force of the jets. Installing bathtubs with jets is not very complicated and many manufacturers even do it free of cost. While buying such a soaking bath, remember that you should keep the dimensions of your bathroom in mind. Soaking tubs for small bathrooms are ideal for you if you live in a tiny apartment. They come in different materials like cast iron, enamel, and steel. Choose one that is easy for you to maintain.

Small soaking tubs are perfect for small bathrooms as it helps you to relieve sore muscles and provides deeper relaxation. You can install some additional features like color changing lights and scent chambers that allow you to add your favorite fragrances to the water.
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