Unbelievable Small Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Jan 1, 2019
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If you have a small kitchen and are hesitant to renovate it, then these ideas should help you make a decision. Remember, the expense depends on the amount of renovation you decide to do. Read on how renovating transforms your kitchen to a great extent.
Small kitchens are an interior designer's nightmare. You cannot implement many kitchen renovation plans, ideas, and concepts which you can in larger kitchens. However, smaller kitchen have their own benefits and advantages. One of these includes lower renovation cost.
Since kitchen renovation is a very expensive affair and usually done on per square foot pricing, a small kitchen can save you a few thousand dollars. Here are several ideas on small kitchen makeovers.

Small Kitchen Renovation Ideas and Tips

The word renovation can be interpreted in numerous ways. It could mean a bit of sprucing up or it could also mean an absolute kitchen makeover, complete with knocking down a couple of walls and major structural changes. No matter what way you choose for renovating your kitchen, these small kitchen remodeling ideas on a budget will definitely help you out.

The Classic Triangle

Refrigerator, kitchen sink, and stove form the three points of a classic triangle in any kitchen. Since, these three places are the most frequently used utilities in the kitchen, it is better if they are positioned at three points of a triangle. The arrangement of these utilities in this peculiar fashion gives you a lot of room to move around.
Other utilities and appliances can be positioned around these three main points. In any kitchen, it is recommended to have three distinct functional areas for food preparation, food storage, and clean up. If you have this clear distinction while kitchen remodeling, you can easily make space for everything in your kitchen.

Flooring and Painting

Kitchen flooring and walls occupy a major portion in any kitchen. Due to their size, they greatly influence the appearance of any kitchen. Hence, you have to give special attention to your flooring and walls. Replacing worn out flooring, although the best option, is a very costly affair.
Instead, you can install cheaper kitchen flooring options such as vinyl flooring or laminate flooring. They are available in myriad designs, patterns, and colors. Some of the designs are a great imitation of natural stone and wood.
Kitchen walls of a tiny kitchen should be preferably painted in light colors to create an illusion of space. Pastel shades such as butterscotch yellow, salmon pink, baby pink, baby blue, etc., are appropriate for kitchens.

Additional Utilities and Functionality

Ample storing space in your kitchen always helps. But, in case of a small kitchen, you can install additional utilities such as a built-in microwave or a garbage disposer underneath the sink and save the floor space.
Similarly, kitchen cabinets and cupboards which extend towards the ceiling also save a lot of space. Smart use of vertical space can provide you with more functional area. Use the top shelves for storing least used items. Pull out tabletops, roll out chopping boards, etc., are some great ideas that can be implemented while remodeling a small kitchen.

Sleeker Appliances

If you are a small family of only 2 or 3 people, then there is no need to invest in large capacity kitchen appliances. Larger appliances eat too much of space in your kitchen.
Hence, go for smaller, sleeker, and compact appliances for your kitchen. A small dishwasher, medium size refrigerator, and compact coffeemaker, can all save a considerable amount of space in your kitchen.
A little imagination and creativity can help you in effectively utilizing the available space. What's more, you can implement your ideas at a fraction of the cost of an interior designer's fees.