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Small Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Rimlee Bhuyan Nov 18, 2018
Most of us do not have the luxury of living in a spacious bedroom and have to do with a small one. When you have a small bedroom, you need furniture that is in proportion to the size of the room. Delve into the depths of amazing ideas!
The bedroom is a place where you relax after a long tiring day. So it should be furnished in such a way that it feels like a welcome abode. It is a place which should be tranquil and where you can put your feet up and forget all tensions and worries.
Although all of us would like to have a big bedroom with a king sized bed and pretty bellowing drapes, it is not always possible. Most apartments have very small or tiny bedrooms that require a lot of creativity and ingenuity to fit all necessary furniture and furnishings. Choose furniture that is in scale with the dimensions of the bedroom.
One of the biggest mistake that home owners make is to cram a small bedroom with large furniture pieces. This makes the bedroom appear smaller than it actually is. Also, make sure that the style of furniture is minimalistic with clean lines and is not overly ornate.
Before choosing furniture for a small bedroom, you should first remember some basic elements of interior design. As lighter shades reflect more light, paint your bedroom in muted and light colors to make the room look more spacious.
You can also use sheer curtains in pastel and neutral hues in materials such as chiffon and muslin which will provide you privacy and also help to give the room an airy feeling.

Furniture Ideas for Small Bedroom

The Bed

The most important furniture in a bedroom is the bed. You simply cannot get a large king size bed with a huge headboard and make it the focal point of the bedroom.
This will take up the entire space of the bedroom and you will have lots of difficulty in placing other essential pieces of furniture. It will also make the bedroom appear cluttered and will ruin the relaxing atmosphere. So you have to choose the bed with care.
Choose a bed whose dimensions match the small bedroom and whereby after placing it you can still move around the room comfortably and still have space to place your wardrobe.
You can use a platform bed that has a low height, as this makes the bedroom appear larger than it is. You can also choose a box bed that has ample space for storing bed linens and other knickknacks.
If your bedroom is really tiny, and you do not have the luxury of opting for night tables, then design a headboard that has an inbuilt shelf to store your books and also has a recessed light for reading.

The Wardrobe

An essential bedroom furniture that any homeowner can't do without is the wardrobe. Avoid using wardrobes that takes up an entire wall. Instead opt for armories and wardrobes that are vertically inclined.
This not only minimizes the amount of floor space used but also is very useful for hanging such items like long dresses and suits without any fear of creasing. The top shelves can be used for storing handbags, rain gear, shoes and other items that are not used frequently.
You can also use mirrors on the wardrobe doors to act as your dresser and it also helps to open up the space. Always think of innovative ways in which you can use bedroom furniture styles to enhance the look of your bedroom.

Other Essentials

You will also need to furnish the bedroom with other essentials like a dresser and chest. Opt for dressers and chest that have a simple design and without too many carvings. One of the most useful small bedroom furniture plans is to opt for furniture such as the bed, side tables, wardrobe and chest in pure white.
If you have pale colored walls like a mint green or icy blue, white colored furniture gives off a dramatic look with a spacious feeling. You can then provide assents of color in the bedroom by using colorful rugs, pillows, lamps and picture frames, giving your bedroom a romantic and ethereal feel. You can further enhance the appeal by using soft drapes.
Small bedroom furniture arrangement should be such that it creates an illusion of space. The best furniture layout for a small bedroom is to place the bed on one corner of the room instead of placing it bang in the middle.
This will give you more floor space and let you place another furniture item like a comfortable armchair or a love seat. If you have the space, you can also group together a couple of small chairs with a low coffee table along the window to create a cozy nook. Whatever be your style aesthetics, remember to keep your bedroom neat and clutter free.