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Amazingly Charming Small Bedroom Arrangement and Decorating Ideas

Small Bedroom Arrangement and Decorating Ideas
Are you wondering as to how to arrange your small bedroom in the most efficient manner? Small bedrooms can look neat and elegant by arranging the furniture in the right manner. Appropriate colors for the walls, lighting, use of mirrors, etc., can be used to make the room look even more spacious.
Priya Johnson
Last Updated: Jan 19, 2018
The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Small bedrooms often look congested and crowded, as they lack floor space as well as storage space. Bedrooms are meant to be cozy, comfortable and relaxing, however, the clutter caused by over-sized furniture gives the room a suffocating feeling. How we wish our bedroom was bigger!
Most of us pay little attention to proportion and purchase furniture that fits into our bedrooms, not realizing that proportion also plays a very important role. Nevertheless, there are several ways in which small bedrooms can be made to look more spacious and bigger. With proper lighting, wardrobes, bed, mirrors, etc. the small bedroom can be decorated in a way that makes it look very appealing and elegant.
Furniture that Fits
Purchasing the right kind of furniture for a small bedroom is crucial, because the furniture purchased can either make or break the look of a room. Because the room is small, it is important to remember bulky furniture, no matter how gorgeous it looks, will just make the room look cluttered. So, while considering bedroom furniture, it is important to purchase smaller units. Then again, it is important to remember not to fill the room with lots of tiny pieces of furniture. This will again give a cluttered look. Thus, it is essential to purchase a few pieces of furniture, whose size is in proportion to the size of the bedroom, so that it will balance the look of the room.
Appropriate Choice of Furniture
Go Queen-size
In general, bedroom furniture is to be limited, with the exception of a bed and closet.
A small room cannot have a king-sized bed; it will make the room look even smaller.
Go in for a queen-sized bed, and allow the sheets to fall off the sides. This gives a spacious feel to the room.
Metal-framed Beds
Use beds made of thin metal frames for small bedrooms; they provide more visual wall space and an illusion of spaciousness.
Bulky beds take up more of the floor area and reveal lesser wall area, giving the room a stuffy feeling.
You may choose the Hind's bed as well, which can be folded into half and bolted. However, before purchasing, check if the bed fits properly into your bedroom.
Folding beds or murphy beds are common space-saving alternatives, which fold away into the wall, resembling parts of closets from the outside.
If you definitely need a double bed, go in for a 'platform bed', which low in height and appears to be bigger in the room.
It also has enough storage space, and is a good option for small bedrooms.
Built-in Closets
Built-in closets are best for small rooms, they save floor space.
If you choose to have standalone wardrobes, it's best to use tall ones, which not only use more vertical space, but also provide more storage space.
Using taller cupboards or closets, helps utilize space well.
Sliding doors for the wardrobes will also be a good idea.
Having mirrors placed on the doors of the closets will help make the room look more spacious.
Colorful Kids' Bedrooms
Kids' bedrooms have to done-up creatively.
As far as beds are concerned, bunk beds are ideal if you have two or more kids; they save a lot of floor space and also provide storage facility.
You can also get loft beds, which have desks below them. This saves space.
Trendy Kids' decor
Futon beds are an option as well, which appear like sofas throughout the day, and can be extended to form a bed at night.
To save floor space, you can be creative and construct shelves around the bed itself.
This will not only give you storage space and floor space, but will also give a stylish look to the room.
The Magical Mirror Effect
The mirror effect strategy is usually employed at offices, salons, dentist's clinics, etc., since mirrors, when placed on walls, add an illusion of spaciousness.
Instead of placing a frame on the wall, you can place a large decorative mirror. However, make sure the mirror is facing the opposite side of the light source, as this will maximize the amount of light reflected in the bedroom, thereby making the room look spacious.
Simple Mirror Frames
Instead of one large, decorative mirror, you could also have a few, small decorative mirrors mounted on the wall.
Try any shape you like and make a mirror collage of your own on the wall. This will accentuate the spaciousness.
While choosing mirrors, choose simple, sleek mirror frames, because decorative frames will give a crowded look to the room.
If you don't want to hang a mirror on the wall, you could also have a large mirror on the wardrobe.
Wall Hangings
It's best not to place picture collages on the walls of small bedrooms; it makes the room look even smaller.
Single, large frames are better than several tiny frames put together.
Opt for a lovely picture frame and place it on the wall. Or, buy picture frames with simple and elegant frames, as fancy, decorative ones will again give the room a crowded look.
Make sure the frame colors go well with the rest of the bedroom d├ęcor, or else this small addition can mess up the room.
You can also get a picture of your family enlarged and framed on the wall. This will be a good option instead of a collage of several small frames.
Or have a picture collage created and framed; thus, in one frame, you can have all the family.
If you do not wish to place a frame on your wall, then you can opt for wall stickers, which also give fantastic finish to the room. However, go for subtle designs as elaborate ones can cause the room to look cluttered.
Gentle Lighting
Small bedrooms should have soft and gentle lighting. Installation of lights close to the bed would give the room a more spacious appearance.
You could also go for dimmers situated at one or two points in the room.
Avoid stand-alone lamps, instead, mount lamps on the walls. This saves space and provides more free floor area.
For bedtime reading, have a lamp mounted on the wall with a thread hanging down for convenience.
Ceiling Lamps
Versatile lamps in the ceiling are also good options, however make sure they don't come in the way of other objects.
Ambient, accent, and fluorescent lighting have an elegant and soothing appeal and can be utilized in small bedrooms.
Choosing proper lighting will give your room a warm, glowing and inviting appeal.
Hues of Paint
Shades of White
Bedroom styles can be modern or vintage, depending on one's preferences.
Irrespective of the style, it's important to maintain light shades of paints on the walls. Shades of white and gray will look good in modern bedrooms.
On the other hand, shades of cream will look nice in vintage style bedrooms.
Shades like white and cream give the room a refreshing look in the mornings, and a comforting feel at night.
Lighter Shades
Light shades reflect the light falling on them to deeper parts of the room, thereby creating an illusion of more space, while darker shades make the room look smaller.
It's also advisable to avoid using more than one color for the wall. The more the colors, the more crowded the room appears.
One can also paint horizontal or vertical stripes on the walls, to give the room a wider or taller look respectively.
Bed Linen
Choose plain-colored bed sheets or those in light pastel shades to give the room a more spacious feel.
Limit the sheets to a single design pattern, as mix-and-match colors make the room look crowded.
While making the bed, let the folds of the bed cover flow down on all sides of the bed. This will help the room look longer.
As far as the curtains are concerned, small bedrooms should have light-colored curtains. Choose curtain holders that are of the same shade of the walls.
The material of the curtain should be light and airy, which will permit light to enter the room during the day. Avoid heavy curtains in small bedrooms, as they give the room a crowded feeling. Moreover, thick curtains will not permit the entry of light, thereby making the room look darker during the day.
Open Floating Shelves
Space constraint is a major issue in small bedrooms, therefore, place your showpieces, books, picture frames, trophies, and other souvenirs on floating shelves.
These shelves add to the stylish look of the room and contribute to storage space too.
They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and are quite inexpensive.
Buy shelves that will go with your wall color and furniture.
Enclosed floating shelves
The shelf size should not be too large, such that it occupies the whole wall; it should enhance the look of the room, not clutter it.
Floating shelves do have their cons as well. Things placed on floating shelves collect dirt easily and have to be dusted regularly.
One can hit one's head or shoulders on such shelves, if they are placed too low. So think this through, find a suitable set of floating shelves, and place them at an appropriate place in your bedroom.
Wall-mounted Television
Placing the television in the bedroom is not such a good idea in the first place, since state that this affects sleep patterns.
Nevertheless, if you have no option, avoid bulky box televisions, since they are not only outdated, but also take up a lot of space. Go in for wall-mounted TV sets.
Proper television placement
Preferably, get a flat-screen television, which is flat and sleek, and can be mounted on the wall.
It doesn't rob the bedroom of space and also gives the room a sophisticated look.
If you have a box television and do not want to buy a new one, mount it on a wall corner, in such a way that you can watch television while lying on the bed.
Laminate Flooring
When it comes to flooring, most people prefer carpets, since they are more comfortable when one is barefoot (especially in winters). They also enhance the aesthetic look of the room and are cozy.
However, carpets also make the room look smaller; it is better to avoid them and opt for laminate flooring instead.
Hardwood Flooring
You can go for tiles, which also give a more spacious look to the entire room.
Replacing the carpet with light colored hardwood floor is also a way to increase the visual space in the bedroom.
You can place small rugs on the floor.
If you are too keen on carpets, choose a light-colored piece, which matches the color of the walls.
Utilizing Corners
Corner Desks
It is important to look around the bedroom and identify spaces that could otherwise have been wasted, especially at the corners.
Room corners are often considered as useless and thus, neglected. However, if utilized properly, room corners can accentuate the look of the room.
Moreover, they can be solutions to lack of storage space for books and other articles.
Corner Beds
There are various types of corner shelves to choose from:wood, metal, and glass. Depending on which suits your bedroom best, get one.
Spaces under the window sill can also be made into stylish seats. Cozy corners are always welcome!
Don't forget that an untidy room always gives a congested look. So make sure the things are stored neatly at their respective places. It's not about how much you have, on the contrary, it's about what you can do with what you have. So, even if your bedroom is small, by arranging your bedroom in an appropriate way, you can give it an elegant look.
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