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Numerous Small Bathtub Ideas That are Luxuriously Comfortable

Small Bathtub Ideas
Do you feel disappointed by seeing your small bathroom with no space for a bathtub? If that is the case, here are some ideas which will help you in finding the right bathtub for your bathroom. A small bathtub in your bathroom can give you the pleasure of a relaxing bath. So, check out the best one that suits you and your bathroom.
Priyanka Kosta Sonkushre
Last Updated: Aug 12, 2017
As the cost of real estate is soaring high in recent times, it is quite obvious that one will choose to spend less money in buying that extra space of the bathroom so as to accommodate a bathtub. This leads to an unfulfilled wish of having a bathtub in the bathroom. But now, you can fulfill your wish of having a bathtub in the bathroom, as manufacturers have started to customize bathtub sizes keeping in mind the need of customers. Small bathroom spaces call for small bathtubs. Accommodating a large bathtub in your bathroom may cause the bathroom to look cluttered. Hence, it is important to choose a bathtub of the right size to give that spacious look to the bathroom.

There are several companies manufacturing small bathtubs for small bathrooms. The standard bathtub roughly measures around 30 inches in width, 60 inches in length and 20 inches in depth. Few can measure around 40 inches in length. There are quite a good number of choices in small bathtubs. You can choose from the variety available in the market. Here are a few ideas that you can use to incorporate a bathtub in your bathroom.
Circular or Round Bathtub
Circular bathtub
Round bathtubs cover less area compared to rectangular bathtubs. They are small in size and can fit easily in bathrooms of small sizes.
Corner Fitting Bathtub
Corner fitting bathtub
These bathtubs are used in bathrooms which have an empty corner. As corner bathtubs are fitted in the corner, they give a spacious look to a small bathroom.
Free Standing Bathtub
Free standing bathtub
As the name suggests, these bathtubs do not need a wall support. They are placed in the best suitable area of the bathroom. These bathtubs are manufactured with minimal designs and light colors, giving your bathroom a stylish look.
Soaking Bathtub
Soaking bathtub
These bathtubs can be used by people looking for a completely submerged soaking in the bathtub. Soaking bathtubs need less space. They have greater depth compared to standard bathtubs. One can go for this bathtub if space is a constraint yet, the need for a relaxing bath is high.
Whirlpool Bathtub
Whirlpool bathtub
Whirlpool bathtubs are the ones which use water jets to circulate water in the bathtub. One needs to fill and empty the bathtub each time the tub is used. One can choose the right size to fit into the bathroom. Whirlpool bathtubs give a very relaxing bath as they relax the muscles due to the circular movement of the water in the bathtub. There are two types of whirlpool bathtubs available in the market. One is Drop-in tub and the other is Alcove tub. Drop-in tubs can be accommodated in a corner of the bathroom. But these are bigger in size compared to Alcove tubs and are also expensive.
Clawfoot Bathtub
Clawfoot bathtub
If one is interested in giving the bathroom an antique look, then clawfoot bathtubs must be the choice. These are basically free-standing in nature and can be used without any support. But unlike free standing bathtubs, which are modern and contemporary, clawfoot bathtubs have a vintage look. Clawfoot bathtubs create that antique style in the bathroom and a large bathroom space is not required to fulfill this desire.
Walk-In Bathtub
This bathtub should be your choice if you have a difficulty in entering the bathtub, as most bathtubs have a height to be crossed for entering the tub. Walk-In bathtubs make it easier for you to enter in the bathtub as it has a door which can be opened in order to enter into the bathtub. This bathtub style is very useful for elderly people as well as for people with mobility issues.
Small Bathtub with Shower
Bathtub with shower
It is often difficult to take out space for bathtub and shower separately in small bathrooms. Hence, the idea of having a small bathtub with a shower placed overhead can solve the problem. This arrangement gives you the luxury of a bathtub and a shower without creating any clutter in the bathroom.
Choosing the best bathtub for your little bathroom space should not be a problem anymore. There is a wide range of small-sized bathtubs available in the market. Research properly before you go for it. Also, check for the material of the bathtub. Bathtubs are generally made up of plastic, steel, ceramic and enameled cast iron. Acrylic bathtubs are popular as they are light in weight and long-lasting. The cost of the bathtub varies depending on the material with which it is manufactured. So, it is better if you look out for all the options available before you make the purchase. Once you are done with choosing the best bathtub for your little bathroom space, just get it fitted and enjoy a refreshing and relaxing bath!