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Small Bathroom Sinks and Vanities

Small Bathroom Sinks and Vanities

Do you have a small bathroom that needs remodeling? One of the best ways to utilize space in a small bathroom is to opt for sinks and vanities that are of a smaller scale. There are many beautiful designs of small sinks and vanities for the bathroom.
Rimlee Bhuyan
Remodeling a small bathroom can be challenging, particularly when you are looking for a great layout and also good aesthetics. Since your bathroom is small, you will need to choose scaled down and space-saving faucets, sinks and vanities. You cannot install overly ornate vanities and bathtubs in a small bathroom, as it will make the space appear more cramped. Simple, minimalistic vanities and sinks are the best option for a tiny bathroom. So, what are some good designs of small bathroom sinks and vanities that you can choose for your home? Well, pedestal sinks, corner sinks and floating sinks are ideal for small bathrooms. Vanities that comes with built-in drawers are also good options. Let us take a look at some of the designs in vanities and sinks for small bathrooms.

Designs of Small Bathroom Vanities

Choose a small bathroom vanity as well as sink designs that are compact in nature. They should take up less space, should be functional and should be sleek to look at as well. Small bathroom vanities that includes storage space are the most ideal. Many manufacturers have realized that home owners require small bathroom vanities and sinks, and so have come up with a line of vanities known as the petite vanity. A petite vanity is just right for a modern bathroom that is lacking in space. It typically consists of just a single sink, without any additional counter space. Although it is small and scaled down, it is also stylish and functional.

Besides these petite vanities that come in a variety of materials like porcelain and glass. Another great small bathroom vanity design that you can install is a small wooden vanity for storing your linen and toiletries. If you have a contemporary bathroom, then you can install vanities in steel and chrome which are available by most manufacturers. Small bathroom vanities should not be too large or take up too much floor space.

Designs of Small Bathroom Sinks

The best small bathroom sink that you can install in your bathroom is the corner sink. You must have noticed that bathroom corners are often neglected. To make full utilization of this space, corner sinks are just right. Corner sinks as the name suggests are installed against the wall in the corner of the bathroom. There are many variation of the corner sink, from the simple corner sink to the corner pedestal sink and corner wall mount sink. These types of corner sinks do not have any counter space or storage space. You can install a set of shelves on the walls behind the corner sink to place and store your toiletries.

You can also choose a vessel or floating sink for your small bathroom. These types of vessel sinks are very chic and stylish and what's more they are functional too. Their compact design and clean lines are great for a tiny bathroom. This sink basin which is usually made of glass or china comes in different shapes like round, oval or shell-shaped and it sits on top of an installed countertop. The best thing about these small bathroom sinks is that they free up a lot of floor space.

While choosing designs of vanities and sinks for small bathrooms, make sure that you choose those designs that will make your bathroom look uncluttered. You can also choose white or pastel shaded vanities to give the bathroom a more spacious look. Use mirrors, light colored tiles and flooring to make the bathroom appear visually larger. If you feel that your small bathroom is cluttered by too many knickknacks and toiletries, then consider having a storage cabinet outside the bathroom for storing these essentials.