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Ideas for Remodeling a Small Bathroom

Ideas for Remodeling a Small Bathroom
When remodeling a small bathroom, it's important to keep in mind that you can only give an illusion of space, and not extend the available one-unless, of course, you're willing to knock down a wall.
Sonal Panse
Last Updated: Mar 28, 2019
Remodeling a small bathroom can be a tricky task, especially if you want to create an impression of larger space, fit all accessories in the available one and avoid a clutter, without compromising on a tasteful effect and functionality.
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This requires some careful planning and, if you are opting for an extensive remodeling, you require a building permit from the relevant city authorities.
Drawing Up a Plan
Whether you choose to do your bathroom remodeling yourself or hire professionals, drawing up a plan beforehand is a good idea. You can save yourself time and expense if you know beforehand what exactly you want to do. Start out by collecting design ideas from photographs, magazines, and any other sources.
Make a list of the accessories and features that you'd like to incorporate in your bathroom. Draw the accessories and features at a scaled down size on a paper and cut out the shapes.
Make two rough drafts with accurate, scaled-down measurements of your bathroom, one showing the current design with all its features and the second showing an outline of the new one. Place the cut-out shapes on the second rough draft and move them about to see if you can fit them differently to create more space.
Saving Space
Save space in your bathroom by fitting sliding doors rather than hinged ones. Doors that slide into an in-wall cavity also look pretty cool and do not need extra space for it to swing open like usual doors. You can also attach door hooks that fold down flat when in the cavity and can otherwise be used to hang clothes and towels from.
Install a wash-basin with shelves under it where you can store soaps, toothpastes, cosmetics, and other toiletries. A cupboard or shelves over the toilet or tall cabinets along empty walls can also offer storage space.
A bath-tub is a space-devourer, so consider installing a shower instead. Get a shower cubicle with curved sides as that will be more space-saving. You can cordon it with bright shower curtains that complement your bathroom tiles.
Giving an Illusion of Space
Light gives a spacious feel to a room, so arrange windows in a way that allows in plenty of natural light and at the same time ensures privacy. If possible, consider installing a sky-light.
Install artificial lights in the bathroom corners and, if you can, strip lighting along the walls. With good illumination, your bathroom can look larger than it actually is. Mirrors can optimize on the light and add an illusion of space. However, don't go overboard with them; too many will create a ghastly effect in a small space.
Try an ornate or Venetian wall mirror, strategically placed for good light reflection, that will also serve a decorative purpose. Plan a color scheme that will enhance the available space. Go for light or pastel color schemes rather than dark ones. Simplicity and good color coordination is the key here.
Another important factor is pattern, which, if applied in a vertical fashion, can give an impression of increased height to your bathroom. So paint walls in vertical stripes, or fit wall-paper and bathroom tiles in a vertical pattern.