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Small Bathroom Makeovers

Puja Lalwani Dec 20, 2018
When you are redoing a small bathroom, you want to try to fit in everything you've ever wanted in your bathroom within the limited space. Here, we give you ideas on planning and executing a makeover for your small bathroom.
When remodeling a small bathroom, there are a lot of things to consider. Space is the prime factor here, but there are also a lot of other little small things that go into making it the perfect bathroom remodeling project. For a lot of us our bathrooms are a haven where we unwind and refresh ourselves with a relaxing shower.
Having a small bathroom then, does not mean that you cannot enjoy all these things. There are several ways to do so, and here are some tips to give your bathroom a makeover that are sure to brighten it up and make it as luxurious as a larger bathroom.

Helpful Tips

A lot of factors go into making it the cozy yet luxurious space you want it to be. Here is an information about these factors, and how implementing them in the right manner will help you create exactly what you want. Of course, you have to start with doing away with everything that is old, and then implement these ideas.

Tiles and Tiling Patterns

In order for a small bathroom space to look larger, choosing lighter colored tiles is a better idea. While a lot of people cringe at the thought of white, it is a great option to choose from. 
Your bathroom does not have to be completely white, and you can combine it with a range of colors to make it a style statement. A lot of tiles are accompanied with borders that break the visual monotony that a single tile has to offer. 
Furthermore, the flooring tiles and the wall tiles should ideally be the same to create the sense of a larger space, though this is not completely necessary.
Interesting tiling patterns such as the diamond pattern as bathroom flooring for a vintage look, or a brick pattern for a more modern look also add to the visual appeal of a small bathroom. On a narrow wall, use tiles combined with horizontal stripes to make it look wider. This is possible in the shower area.

Bathroom Fittings and Appliances

Since you are having a complete small bathroom makeover, you might as well do away with the older faucets and showers, and get sparkling new ones. For a more modern look, the range of steel finish bathroom appliances is huge. At the other end of the spectrum, there are also rustic fittings that will suit the theme you are aiming for.
Also, small bathroom sinks made of ceramic are not the only choices you have nowadays. Go for a clear glass bowl on a pedestal for a sleek finish, or a faux marble one for a richer look.
However, marble and their likes are not suitable for those looking for small bathroom makeovers on a budget. Yet, the range is not limited for those on a budget.
If you are choosing a wash basin on a pedestal, it means you will have to get rid of the storage space below the wash basin, which is in any case a good idea, because it makes a small bathroom look cluttered.
Instead, simply have some glass shelves installed at a height, or have a small wall mounted bathroom cabinet installed in a corner of the bathroom.

Shower Cubicles and Bathtubs

For a small bathroom, the preferred choices is always a shower cubicle, though some may be able to accommodate bathtubs. However, doing so is not such a great idea, again because of the space factor.
While a bathtub may fit, it is likely that the bathroom may start looking much smaller than it already is. Instead of installing a ready-made shower cubicle, simply demarcate walk-in showers with a shower curtain. Avoid the use of glass doors or partitions as they obstruct space in a small bathroom.
You can even opt for soaking tubs for small bathrooms that are becoming popular these days.

Paint Colors and Wallpapers

In accordance with the tiles you choose, paint colors and wallpapers have a major role to play in your bathroom renovation project. Try to avoid a stark contrast in colors, as these are more visually appealing in larger spaces.
Instead, choose from colors that coordinate with each other. You may choose from either paint colors for bathrooms, or wallpapers that provide a larger range in textures and patterns that can enhance your small bathroom.

Natural and Artificial Light

In the entire makeover, use natural and artificial lights to alter the spacious look of your bathroom. Instead of choosing frosted glass windows, use clear glass windows with blinds that can be pulled up when no one is using the bathroom.
The bathroom can also be accessorized with the use of light fixtures that provide for the artificial lighting in the bathroom. For instance, an elegant delicate fixture above the wash basin is perfect to give your bathroom that warm, cozy feeling.


We all know the power of mirrors, and how they help in magnifying a smaller space. Instead of leaving a wall blank, or putting up a piece of artwork on it, put up a huge mirror framed with tiles or tile colors in your bathroom. This will instantly make your bathroom look larger.
Or, instead of combining your tiles with tiles of other colors, combine them with mirror strips for that added jazz to your bathroom.
With these ideas and tips for small bathroom makeovers, get inspired to create your own little slice of paradise. Even if your trip to the bathroom is short, it should be delightful, shouldn't it?