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Decorating Ideas for a Small Apartment

Charlie S Dec 11, 2018
Beautifying small apartments can be a challenging task for the interior designers. However, with the help of some fantastic decorating ideas, you can make your small abode look as lavish as large apartments.
Many people feel that the terms interior designing or decorating are confined only to big homes. However, the truth is that even small spaces can be made to look stunning by designing them well and making the best possible use of the space available.

Some Tips to Decorate a Small Apartment


☀ Designing the furniture of a small-scale apartment requires a lot of thinking and creativity. Since the space is limited, you should not include very large or bulky furniture in the rooms.
☀ The rooms look good only if there is sufficient empty space. So, it is advisable to buy furniture that can serve more than one purpose. For example, a sofa, which can be converted into a bed can be a good option.
☀ If the shape of your room is rectangular, you can keep those furniture items that are longer in length. This will give a very decent and attractive look to your room. Opt for furniture that is stylish and trendy for a better visual effect.
☀ Position the furniture well, and make sure that none of the furniture items are placed too close to the entrance door in the living room.


☀ Using curtains having an embroidery fabric is a brilliant idea. Beaded curtains and window blinds are also a great choice for curtains.
☀ Choose a unique and attractive color for the curtains, and hang them at the ceiling height. By doing so, the ceiling height appears to be more for the person entering the room.
☀ Using curtains that have a light fabric provides your room with ample light and air. This is one of the most important decorating tips for a small-scale apartment.

Bathroom Area

☀ The walls in the bathroom if painted in light colors, makes it appear big and spacious. The color used for the wall trimmings should be lighter than the one used for the wall.
☀ Use attractive tiles for the flooring of the bathroom to make it look appealing. The use of stylish and well-designed corner fixtures in your bathroom are effective in saving a lot of space and making it look attractive.

Bedroom Area

☀ Having shelves in your bedroom, for keeping several items at a place, is one of the finest ideas for beautifying a small apartment. You can consider the idea of having an open shelf for the decorative items in your living room.
☀ You should take special care about the lighting of your rooms. The windows of your rooms should be large in size and have a sturdy, well-fitted grill. You can also opt for full-sized windows, which simply look awesome.
☀ You can mount a flat screen television set on the focal wall and enhance the look of your apartment. Putting up attractive paintings and frames on the walls will add to the beauty of the rooms.
Paint the walls of your room with light colors to make it look spacious. For the flooring of the living room, kitchen, and bedrooms, marble is a great option. Hoping that the ideas mentioned in this article will prove to be helpful while gracing your home. All the best for the job!