Sliding Glass Door Parts

Indrajit Deshmukh Nov 7, 2018
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A glass door is easy to maintain, esthetically pleasing, and beautiful to look at, especially when the view outside is great.
Unlike traditional doors which open on a hinge, a sliding door slides along a track which is fixed on the ground. They are mostly used as patio doors which lead onto a terrace, a garden, or a pool area. Sometimes sliding glass doors are also used in the interior of the house as a partition between two rooms.
These doors are generally made up of a rectangular shaped glass frame with aluminum or steel border, which is mounted on a track that helps it slide.
When thinking of putting in a new door or looking for tips for sliding glass door replacement, we should also consider the traffic, children, and pets in the house.
Sliding doors are very popular in Europe and can be seen in most houses. They are generally used as entry gates to the balcony or terrace.

Glass Sheet

A rectangular glass sheet for the door can be brought at a local hardware store. The size will depend on the area you want to cover, they are available in different colors and shades. 
There are layered glass sheets available, which can be used, as they have a thermal break in them and are good insulators of energy. You can also find glass panels which use argon gas between the panes to improve its thermal capacity.
The glass is also available in colors and glazed patterns as well. You can choose the thickness of the glass as per you convenience.


The door handle comes in different shapes and forms, and is also available in different materials. A flush mount wood or chrome keyed handle is a very popular variant of sliding door handles. Some other types that are available include a stainless steel recessed handle, a clamp style handle, hook style handles, and internal locking style handles.

Roller Assembly

An important part of a sliding door, the roller assembly is the part on which the whole door moves. The assembly is available in nylon wheels and steel wheels, both have their pros and cons.
Some people choose the steel wheel assembly for their heavy sliding door frames, while some use the nylon wheels as they think it is smoother than the steel variant. However, they are subject to wear and tear. The nylon ones cannot take heavy weight and wears out faster. The steel ones tend to become noisy as they get old.


The locking system is one of the most important glass door parts, and you need to pick one which meets or exceeds the forced entry parameter in your area. Some locks that you can choose from are include narrow stile hook bolt with anti-lift system, Mortice door dead lock, which uses a 'grab' style of locking bolt, etc.


Sliding doors require different types of tracks depending on the weight and size of the door. They are laid at the bottom and top of the frame in which the door slides. They have a convex rail which offers minimum resistance for the roller assembly.
However, their disadvantage is that these tracks tend to accumulate dirt and thus it results in the wearing down of the roller assembly.
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