Window Treatment Options for Sliding Doors

Pragya T Dec 16, 2018
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There are many options of window treatment for sliding doors. We will give you various ideas on decorating the sliding doors with beautiful and practical window treatments.
Sliding doors are very easy to use, they can be operated by children or by adults easily. Sliding doors up to a certain extent also soundproof the room. If you have a glass sliding door, then trying out some sliding glass door treatments to control the amount of light that comes in the room.
Sliding doors are good looking and allow the view of the other room or open area outside a room. Sliding window door are also very easy to clean, all one needs to do is use a cleaning liquid and wipe the glass.
However, the sliding doors can look very bare. To make them look beautiful, merge them with your home decor, and control the amount of light entering the room, here are some ideas of window treatments you can try out.

Window Treatment Ideas

Honeycomb Window Treatment

This treatment is a good idea if you want to install cellular shades, that insulate the house against heat or cold weather outside. The honeycomb window shades come in single, double, or triple cell design, so select accordingly. You can select the blinds which close horizontally or vertically. This way you can find more privacy with these window blinds.

Sliding Panel Blinds Treatment

These window blinds overlap fabric panels and glide on a wheeling system. These are very good option of a window treatment as these panels come with solar screen and protect from the sun's heat.

Awning Shades

If you want a shade not for the inside of a room, but for a patio then consider these treatments. These kinds of shades come in many colors and styles, so you can select the kind of shades that go with your home decor.

Classic Curtains and Drapes

These are classic treatments and there are variety of material, patterns, prints, and designs available. The curtains or drapes are mounted on a traverse rods. Choose thick cloth drapes or translucent drapes to let the soft light in.

Roman Shades Treatments

Roman shades are an unusual option as window treatment for sliding doors, but they work well for the winter season. To get the most insulation from the cold, select shades which are made of quilted fabric or quilted sort of fabric that has an insulted inner core. These shades close to the glass to prevent the cold air leaking from the sides of the window.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are popular as window treatments and they are easy to use and clean. They can also be installed on the ceiling. They are available in different material like bamboo, aluminum, cloth, vinyl, faux wood, etc., so you can select the pattern, material, and color of the blinds according to your taste.

Solar Shades

If you are looking for maintaining privacy by installing sliding door window treatment, but don't want to detract the view outside, then solar shade treatments are a good choice. They are very energy efficient and are composed of synthetic mesh fabric like screens. The reduction glare that comes with these type of shades adds more to their benefits.

Some More Ideas

These were the various window treatment ideas for sliding doors. So, measure the dimensions of the sliding door and order for the fabric to get the right fitting of the window treatment.
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