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Sliding Closet Door Ideas

Rimlee Bhuyan Jun 30, 2019
Sliding closet doors are a great option for your closets as they are space saving and easy to handle. But sometimes these type of closet doors seems so plain. With some creative ideas you can make them look more aesthetically pleasing.
Closets are an integral part of a bedroom and they are one of the best storage solutions for your home. Most people are so focused on choosing the right closet for the bedroom for their utility, that they do not give enough thought to the closet doors.
Choosing the right closet doors will not only make the closet more storage efficient but will also enhance the decor of the room. One of the best closet doors that you can choose is sliding closet doors. These are a great choice for a small bedroom as they are functional and space saving.
However, they can be a tad plain looking and boring. You can easily jazz up the look of a sliding closet door by using some interesting materials. Here we are going to discuss some DIY ideas for transforming plain looking sliding closet doors into beautiful closet doors that matches the decor of your room.

Sliding Closet Door Makeover Ideas

There is no reason to live with utilitarian and plain looking sliding closet doors when you can easily transform them. There are many ideas that you can choose for enhancing the look of the sliding closet doors so that it matches the decor of your bedroom. With some clever and creative decorating ideas, you can even make them the focal point of the bedroom.

Wallpaper Sliding Closet Door

One of the best ways to add a touch of elegance to plain sliding closet doors is to add wallpaper to the closet doors. Wallpapers are available in a variety of patterns and colors and you can choose one for covering the closet doors that matches the bedroom decor.
Choose from small floral prints or botanical prints that is similar to the pattern of the window treatment or upholstery in the bedroom. If your bedroom is of a modern minimalistic decor, then choose a wallpaper pattern that mirrors this. A black and white polka dot pattern or a geometrical pattern wallpaper on the sliding closet doors would look excellent.

Stenciled Sliding Closet Door

A great way to make a plain looking sliding closet door more attractive is to use stencils. Delicate stencils of flowers and leaves add a touch of whimsy to the closet doors and gives the room a cozy look. You can either purchase stencils of your choice from a home improvement store or make them yourselves.
To use stencils for decorating sliding closet doors, place the stencils of your choice on the closet door and then dab the stencil with a sponge soaked in paint. Instead of stenciling the entire closet door, you can just stencil around the edges of the door to create an attractive border. This is not very time-consuming and you can finish it over a weekend.

Mirrored Sliding Closet Doors

Another way to jazz up the look of sliding closet doors is to use mirrors. This idea works particularly well for small bedrooms as mirrors in the closet doors helps in making a small room appear larger. It is also very functional as well as you can utilize the mirrored sliding door for dressing in front of it.
To make a mirrored sliding door look more attractive, you can make etching on the mirror. Mirrors not only makes a room appear visually stunning, but they add a touch of panache to your home decor.

Painted Sliding Closet Doors

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to transform your plain sliding closet doors, then there is no better way than painting it in an eye popping color. If your bedroom is done up in pastel colors, then choose a pristine white color to paint the closet doors.
If it is all white and black bedroom, then try a dark color like burgundy, olive green or moss green for the closet door. If you are not afraid to experiment with bolder hues, then colors like bright orange or eggplant will also work well.
These were some ideas that you can use for transforming the look of plain closet doors. Well designed sliding closet doors should not only be functional but should also enhance the look of your bedroom. Choose a decorating idea for sliding closet doors that best suits your design sensibility and your bedroom decor.