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How to Choose the Perfect Low-maintenance Slate for Kitchen Floor

Mamta Mule Dec 21, 2019
Opting for slate tiles for your kitchens flooring is a good option as these are durable, slip resistant, and visually appealing. This piece gives you the characteristics of this flooring.
If you have children, senior citizens, and pets in your family, then installing slate tiles in your kitchen is the best option. Given in this excerpt are the qualities of these tiles, which prove why they are an ideal choice.


Kitchen is an area, most prone to spills of various liquids, like oil, gravy, sauce, as well as cleaning agents. So the flooring chosen should be able to withstand any multitude of damage caused by spills. This type of flooring lasts for years, even with constant exposure to moisture, and chemicals from detergents and other cleaning agents.
Slate tiles that are sealed well are stain resistant too, making them an ideal choice for kitchens, bathrooms, as well as for outdoor use.

Spill Resistance

Water spills during cooking or cleaning utensils is common in the kitchen. That's the reason you need to have highly slip resistant tiles covering the kitchen flooring.
Its natural slip resistant characteristic, makes it a perfect choice over other options such as ceramic, vinyl, linoleum, parquet, etc.

Low Maintenance

Once sealed these become stain resistant. These are easy to clean, hence maintaining their look is an easy job. Regular dry sweeping and mopping is enough to keep it clean and shiny. Once installed, these tiles do not require to be replaced soon.

Visual Appeal

This flooring is versatile and goes well with almost any d├ęcor. If you want to add style to the flooring you can easily do it with these tiles. There are various shapes to pick from, depending on your requirement.
There are many options regarding the color of slate tiles as well. Most people go in for various shades of brown and red for their kitchens, as these colors give the entire area a warm and homely feel.
Since slate tiles are made from natural stone, they are not very expensive. They are considerably cheaper than marble and granite, and they last for years. Installing these tile s is very easy, and many home owners like to take up the task themselves.