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Pros and Cons of Slate Flooring

Pros and Cons of Slate Flooring

Slate flooring is practiced by many households. It has certain pros and cons and a lot depends on your needs with regards to flooring. Understand its pros and cons using this article.
DecorDezine Staff
Mr. and Mrs. Williams have purchased a bungalow a few days back. It is their first home after marriage and they want everything to be just about perfect! They have appointed a reputed interior designer to look after the wall color, furniture, appliances, etc. However, having heard of too many floor options have confused them. They are having a discussion on the slate flooring installation as they have heard of it from many a mouth but ain't able to make a final decision. Obviously, they ain't aware of the slate flooring pros and cons. They are in a fix. What next?

A simple solution to their query - the pros and cons of slate flooring.


Considering it as one of the best and a popular flooring option, there are several pros associated with it. First of all, the slate is made of natural rock composed of quartz, chlorite, mica, and calcite. This means that it is not man-made and thus the flooring looks extremely aesthetic and authentic. They are available in number of shapes and varied thicknesses which accounts for different floor designs and patterns. Along with the size, they are available in some amazing colors of brown, gray, sea green, purple, and dark green that would additionally help enhance the look of your house.

Apart from the overall appearance, slate flooring is highly durable. What more, it is resistant to stains as well, and cleaning the slate flooring is not a difficult task. You can safely use it in your bathroom floors for backsplash, driveways, pool walls, wall floors, and fireplace walls since it is equally resistant to water, which is unlike other flooring that swells up when in contact with water. In addition, there is no way they are going to lose their spark, luster, color, and shine over a period of time and usage.


Having talked about the pros, it is time to note down some of its disadvantages as well. First of all, slate tile installation is pretty expensive unless of course, you are planning a DIY job. Another thing to remember is that, the tiles are too cold to tolerate, however, this could be manageable if you lay a carpet on it. It would be slippery, depending on the polishing level. Too much polishing would result in a very slippery floor and then you would have to take appropriate care. The last drawback is perhaps unavoidable. The slate rocks are not sound absorbing as such, and hence they tend to contribute to more noise than other flooring options.

Nonetheless, the pros compensate to a larger extent to the cons and you can try installing these tiles for your home.