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Single Pane vs Double Pane Windows

Single Pane vs Double Pane Windows

While building or renovating a house you can choose to install either single pane or double pane windows. Read this article to know all about the pros and cons of both these glass pane types.
Rimlee Bhuyan
Windows in a house allows natural light and air inside your home. Besides their practical purposes, windows are also a house's most attractive design component. Whether you are building a house or just replacing old windows, you will have to decide on the kind of window panes you want. There are lots of varieties of window panes available and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. There are primarily four types of window panes options that you can choose from and they are single pane windows, double pane windows, triple pane windows and suspended film. Most homeowners usually opt for single pane or double pane windows.

Single pane windows as the name suggests, is a single glass pane that is mounted on the frame of the window. Double pane windows consists of two layers of glass that is mounted on frames, with a layer of insulating gas generally, argon in between the two glass panes. Most old homes have single pane windows installed while newer constructions typically comes with double pane windows. Double pane windows can help in saving your heating bills by providing better insulation for your home. But before you decide to replace single pane windows with double pane ones, you should know all about single pane and double pane windows.

Difference between Single Pane Windows and Double Pane Windows

As mentioned earlier, single pane windows consists of a single glass pane that is installed on a window frame. As we know glass is a good conductor of heat and when there is a difference in the outside and inside temperature, transfer of heat takes place. In colder climates, when heating of the house becomes a necessity there can be significant loss of heat through single pane glasses. This can make insulation of a home difficult and can contribute to high heating bills. In case of double pane windows, there is space of ½ - ¾ inch between the two glass panes which is usually filled with an inert gas. This helps in insulating the house and the loss of heat from the room to the outside surroundings is significantly low. This makes for better insulation of the house and also reduction in heating bills.

If you live in an old home that boasts of a specific architectural style, then the windows might have single pane glasses. There is an inherent charm and beauty in single pane windows and replacing it with modern double pane windows will compromise with the integrity of the architecture. Double pane windows might be more energy efficient and cost-effective but they do nothing for preserving the aesthetic value of old style architecture. Double pane windows are also prone to fogging which is difficult to get rid of. Fogging also occurs in single pane windows, but you can get rid of it by wiping it with a cloth. This is not the case with double pane windows.

In terms of cost, single pane windows are more cost-effective. Double pane windows are much more expensive than single pane windows and if you are thinking of replacing all the windows in your home with double pane windows then it can turn out to be a costly affair. However, if you look at the long term cost-effectiveness of installing double pane windows, you can see that they are a very good investment as it helps in reducing your energy bills as well giving you better insulation.

Now that you know all about single pane and double pane windows, you can make a more informed decision in choosing window panes for your home. Both double and single pane windows have their pros and cons and you should choose window panes after careful consideration of your needs.
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