Silestone Vs. Granite Countertops

Naomi Sarah Jan 2, 2019
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There's been much debate over the silestone vs granite countertops discussion, and we're going to find out just how efficient (or not) the two are...
So what's going on in the interior decorating world that has got people questioning the durability and quality of their kitchen countertops? Nowadays people are very particular about how things are placed and put up in their homes. It's a good thing to be so aware and have your home looking well furnished and well-kept.
There are a lot of ideas on how to make homes look bigger and better, or even how to make small spaces incredibly comfy and functional, given the right number of things thrown into it to fill in that space.
In the silestone vs. granite countertops discussion we'll cover the different points on what makes these two materials usable yet completely different when it comes to their composition and attributes.
A kitchen counter is an important part where you do the initial part of your cooking, that being slicing and dicing your meats and greens. It is a direct surface to chop up the raw foods, and to place other food items on them after they've been washed or cleaned.
So whatever it is you use your counter for, the main idea is to have it pristine and stain free. So which kitchen countertop composition would work best for you? We find out the answers to those questions here in a debate to settle which kitchenette surface scores the highest.

Difference Between Silestone and Granite

These two stones are very different when it comes to their matter. Silestone is a man-made stone and artificially engineered in manufacturing plants. Silestone's deposits contain crushed quartz of about 93%, with the rest of its content consisting of binding polymers. It is used as a decorative surface in kitchens, shelves, flooring, in bathroom or pantries.
Colors are added to this to give it more of an edge than its ordinary self where quartz, which is crystallized silicon dioxide, changes color from transparent and white as it collides with other impurities during the making stage.
It has a high resistance against acids, and is used as one's prime choice when putting together a reliable material that guarantees top-notch performance. This kind of quartz is found mostly in silestone boards.
Granite is a natural stone that occurs in nature, and isn't man-made or altered in its state in any way. It's made up of individual crystals called phenocrysts, which are larger than groundmass, where the texture is known as being porphyritic.
It comes in shades of grays and pinks, depending on its individual mineralogy and chemical structures. Depending on the dark minerals present in it composition, granite takes its color form accordingly.


Silestone is a less porous surface and doesn't leave it susceptible to the presence of bacteria within its matter. Food particles and other agents like liquids will not be able to seep through its form and have it lodged there to start a bacterial infestation.
Granite has to constantly be sealed for it to have its pores cut off from being exposed. If this is isn't done on a regular basis (months to a year) then it leaves room open for bacteria to collect within the pores, with the occurrence of stains over time.

Colors and Patterns

Silestone countertops are available in colors that go beyond one's ability to think up patterns that are creative, bold and dynamic. It comes in vivid colors, with elements added to its matter to enhance its look and feel. It can work with any given atmosphere and keeps up to the standards of those who expect nothing less than the best in silestone quartz.
Granite occurs in naturally beautiful patterns and that look it imbues cannot be mimicked by silestone. For a more stone like appearance that is real and authentic, granite is your go-to countertop type.


Price of the silestone countertop is reasonable. While  granite countertops are expensive.
So in the granite vs silestone countertops argument, now you will know what to do when it comes to choosing from one of the two best countertop options for your home. Just be sure that whatever you go with works in the best possible way for you in the long run.