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Sidelight Curtain Ideas

If your main door has sidelight panels, you should consider decorating them with curtains to enhance the beauty of your home.
Aparna Jadhav Jun 9, 2019
Adding sidelight curtains to entrance doors is a good choice, while decorating your interiors. They add a warm and cozy feeling to any room, irrespective of how big or small it is.
They are translucent in nature and are usually lightweight, but look very classy when installed. They come in various colors and patterns, and are usually made from voile, which is a light and washable fabric.

Sidelight Curtain Ideas

Sidelight windows are a type of architectural design for doors. They are made up of glass panels supported by wooden or metal frames. They can change the boring look of plain wooden or metal doors, and allow sunlight to stream in.
But, if you want to adjust the amount of light falling in, the best arrangement is to add curtains, which are an equally attractive element for beautiful interiors. They give a very homely appeal to any room. Let us find out more about them.

Curtain Fabric

Since these curtains are usually lightweight and airy, they are easy to set up on sash rods. There are many choices available in the market.
If you are looking for them, some of the most common fabrics used are voile, cotton, lace, rice paper, crushed voile, satin, and metallic opaque. They are quite easy to maintain and come in a variety of colors, as well as patterns, to match your doors and interiors.

Curtain Designs

There are a variety of designs, patterns, and colors, of this kind of sidelight curtains. Fabrics such as voile and lace already have intricate designs like flowers.
They also have embroidered and printed patterns on them. For doors made from dark wood or metal, light colors in voile, sheer, lace, and rice paper, look pretty. But privacy cannot be expected from these types of fabric, as they are translucent.
However, if you want your curtains to provide enough privacy, you can opt for satin or metallic, opaque ones. They are dark-colored, lightweight, and can be used for sidelight panels. They not only look beautiful, but also provide the privacy that you need.
Decorating a home is something that everyone enjoys. So, while selecting curtains for your sidelight windows, make sure you use these ideas to give your house an attractive, yet cozy look.